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Reviews for Concealer Pen

By Dr.Hauschka

Average rating: 3.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Mb on December 26, 2011

Easy to use 4

This concealer works well in covering my dark circles and it so easy to use. I’d buy it again.

By Rachel on September 18, 2011

Okay Concealer 3

This isn’t my favorite concealer. It doesn’t cover that well, but the consistency is creamy and nice. It’s hard to cover spots well.

By Naomi on September 16, 2011

Does not cover well! 3

I love the other Dr. Hauschka concealer stick, but the formula of this was too thin and did not cover my eye circles at all! The color match was great for covering eye circles, but the formula almost disappears when applied. This may work for someone with slight under eye shadows, but for someone that needs more coverage I would not recommend.

By Kate on August 29, 2011

best concealer ever 5

I hate makeup cuz it feels awful on my face. Not this stuff. It’s the best concealer I’ve ever used. My mum says the same thing.

By Melanie on February 24, 2011

A good concealer 4

The coverage this concealer provides is good. I find it a little difficult to work with: the product does not spread that easily and applying too much can make it cake. I think the colour is great and I do like the pen. It is not the best one I have used, but it does the job.

By Suzy on February 19, 2011

It works great! 5

Amazing concealer!!! It is worth every penny! It covers up my black circles and my acne!! A definately good chioice!

By Seana on February 16, 2011

happy eyes! 5

Hands down my favourite eye circle concealer, and also the best I’ve found for any redness around the nose. I do use a separate concealer on any blemishes though. Smooth application, just the right amount comes out of the twist applicator. I find it best to dot it on, then blend lightly with a finger. Not a heavy look at all, blends seamlessly, and has never given me any crease problems. I’m in love.

By Crystal on February 16, 2011

Good coverage 4

It is so tough to find a good concealer, one that covers well and isn’t full of harsh chemicals. This one is the best I’ve found. I prefer a thicker concealer, but I steered clear of Dr. H’s Pure Care Coverstick because of the melaleuca, I wans’t sure how that would work for under the eyes. The concealer pen provides light coverage and blends well. Sometimes I need to apply more than once, though. I find it works best if I apply it to the skin, let it dry slightly, and then blend in. Avoid using too much under the eyes as it will settle in those fine lines. I have bought this many times.

By Lauren on February 15, 2011

great for under eye, exfoliate first! 4

This pen usually does the trick but you need to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize first. Otherwise, it’ll hide redness but make dry skin more visible. It works best as an under-eye concealer, but when I use it on blemishes I can’t find a balance between blending and concealing—if I don’t blend it with my finger the concealer is obvious and spotty, and if I do the blemish isn’t concealed any more!

By Jen on January 28, 2011

Best concealer I have used. 5

This is the best concealer I have ever used. The application is effective and flawless. It is light and unassuming, yet gives excellent coverage, especially the dark circles under my eyes, although I use it on scars and blemishes too. It is really excellent make up. It is wonderful that it is not full of chemicals and garbage.

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