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Reviews for Dr.Hauschka Mascara

By Dr.Hauschka

By Nina on February 17, 2011

Great mascara, easily washes off without makeup remover 5

I love this mascara! This is my 4th purchase, and I love it way more than the volumizing mascara, which was really hard to get off with my normal cleanser. Day after day I would have dark circles from the residue. This one is much more easier to take off, and is just as volumizing!

By Tina on February 17, 2011

Saved my lashes 5

I was losing my lashes due to who knows what ingredient is present in department store mascara. Now my lashes are back and better than ever. Great coverage, no flaking, wears well. My go-to mascara 4-ever.

By Barbara on February 16, 2011

Beautiful Lashes - Never Irritating 5

The only mascara I can use. This absolutely never irritates my easily irritated eyes. I use the brown with my fair skin and red hair. This makes my thin blond and red lashes look long and lush. The color is smoothy and glossy. Never gives you flakes or dry looking lashes. It comes off very easily which is a big plus for me because mascaras that take work to remove break my lashes and irritate my eyes. Oddly, though it comes off easily, it does not smear. Perfect.

By Crystal on February 16, 2011

My go-to mascara 4

In the realm of more natural mascaras, this one is my favourite (and I have tried many). It applies easily, doesn’t clump, and washes easily with water (no remover needed). I find that it stays put fairly well, but does run in high humidity. This is best as a day-to-day mascara, but not if you are looking for dramatic volume.

By Lauren on February 15, 2011

clean, nice, soft, but not enough drama 4

This mascara is great for those who like low-impact lashes. It doesn’t clump at all, but it takes a few coats for me to be satisfied, and will only give you so much volume no matter how many coats you try. It creates a soft finish that lasts all day, but I prefer something with more oomf.

By Nicollo9 on January 25, 2011

Great everyday mascara 4

This is the mascara I use daily. It thickens and lengthens slightly, good for an everyday look. It also has a light, pleasant scent, perhaps lavender? If you are very sensitive to smells, perhaps it would irritate you. It dries well, doesn’t flake, and washes off easily but not too readily—-like if your eyes water. The only drawback for this mascara, for me, is that it takes the curl out of my lashes after I apply it; I end up using my eyelash curler again after the mascara has dried.

By Bev on January 25, 2011

Gave me raccoon eyes. Didn't like it. 2

I tried this mascara, despite the price, because I wanted something organic for a product which is so close to the eyes. However, I was disappointed. It took a long time to dry and I felt like it was always running and smearing. To be fair, I did call the Saffron office for some guidance when purchasing and the very friendly and helpful person on the other end of the phone asked if it was important that the mascara was waterproof and I said it wasn’t. I guess I should have said yes! I ended up throwing it out after a month—I was tired of the raccoon eyes.

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