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Dr. Hauschka Holistic Lip & Eye Care

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Regenerating Eye Cream $58.95 $47.16 20% off 4.3333 By Dr.Hauschka 14.9g/ 0.53 oz
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Daily Hydrating Eye Cream $51.95 $41.56 20% off By Dr.Hauschka 14mL/0.4fl.oz.
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Lip Care Stick $13.95 $11.16 20% off 4.5556 By Dr.Hauschka 4.9g/0.16 oz
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Lip Balm $16.95 $13.56 20% off 4.4615 By Dr.Hauschka 4.5mL/0.14fl.oz
Eye Balm $51.95 By Dr.Hauschka 10ml/0.34 fl.oz Out of stock

The wear and tear of life is not easy on your skin, especially lips and eyes.

Give these delicate but important features the attention and extra support they deserve with these nutrient rich care products. The tender tissue around your eyes and lips will reward you.