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Dr. Hauschka Masks & Treatments

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Regenerating Intensive Treatment $89.95 5 By Dr.Hauschka 39mL/1.3fl.oz.
Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin $89.95 By Dr.Hauschka 39mL/1.3fl.oz.
Firming Mask $52.95 4 By Dr.Hauschka 30mL/1fl.oz
Soothing Mask $52.95 4.8571 By Dr.Hauschka 30mL/1fl.oz
Hydrating Mask $52.95 By Dr.Hauschka 30mL/1fl.oz
Revitalizing Mask $9.50 By Dr.Hauschka
Clarifying Intensive Treatment (age 25+) $89.95 By Dr.Hauschka 39mL/1.3fl.oz.
Facial Steam Bath $34.95 4 By Dr.Hauschka 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Intensive Treatment 01 Spray $89.95 4 By Dr.Hauschka 40mL/1.4fl.oz

Looking for an intensive yet surprising gentle skin treatment?

These herbal-infused organic masks are designed to effectively address a variety of skin care needs and concerns. The cleansing clay, which is packed with powerful biodynamic plant extracts and pure essential oils, will heal and smooth your skin resulting in a revitalized, healthy looking complexion.