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Reviews for Facial Toner

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Zakiya on February 18, 2012

Amazing Stuff 5

I have been “Borrowing” some from my roommate, because I wanted to try it before I bought it. The very little that I used had amazing effects. I have sensitive skin, so I am always questioning products, but this has worked the best out of all the products I have used, which is a lot. I will buy the entire line this time.

By Anita on January 22, 2012

Tones and does not dry out 5

I liked this a lot. I am a huge fan of Dr. Hauska. The philosophy just really makes sense to me. This just feels great and does not dry my skin out

By Mary on September 26, 2011

Best toner ever! 4

I got this toner in a sample kit and it is AMAZING. It is the first and only toner I have used that doesn’t dry my skin out. I love love love Dr. Hauschka!

By Ashley on August 14, 2011

So refreshing! 5

This is an excellent facial toner! I am a fan of most Dr. Hauschka products, but this easily tops my list! It feels so good to spray it on my skin after cleansing. The scent is light and it really soothes my sensitive skin. My husband has also become hooked on this product and sprays it on several times during the day. I may have to hide my bottle!

By Lana on February 18, 2011

My skin now looks perfect! 5

I am pretty much impressed with this particular toner. I wanted a toner that would be very effective with what it does and won’t cost a lot. And I found it! The Facial Toner worth every penny I spent on it!
I have very dry/blemish prone skin, so it is pretty hard to find the toner that would clean the pores and at the same time make my skin very smooth and moisturized. I would definitely recommend it!!

By Marny on February 17, 2011

I keep coming back ! 5

This toner is so great for my skin. I have tried other toners but with dry, mature skin, I always had to slather on something after at night time. Not with this toner. After Cleansing Milk and Facial Toner, my skin feels soft and hydrated for bedtime.

By ella343 on February 17, 2011

more than a toner 4

If you’re tired of third-wheel toners—unnecessary, superfluous, unwanted—Dr. Hauschka’s will be a pleasant surprise. It feels very active on your skin, and corrects its sebum imbalance. It also smells beautiful. The alcohol is not the same as the harsh isopropryl; my guess is (though I’m not sure) the ethanol is used to extract plant essences, so its presence is not frivolous.

By Alex on February 16, 2011

Great for combination skin 5

I love this toner for my combination skin. The spray application is great too. Another excellent Dr. Hauschka product!

By Mcp on February 15, 2011

So refreshing... 5

This product is just perfect. It refreshes the skin beautifuly. In addition, I really appreciate the fact that the rose smell is light.

By Bev on February 15, 2011

Gives skin a healthy glow 4

I’ve used it for a couple years and am very satisfied. Leaves an attractive finish to skin used with Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream or Quince Day Cream. Nice makeup base. Mostly, my skin agrees with the ingredients and looks good and healthy.

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