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Dr. Hauschka Holistic Hair Care

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Neem Hair Oil $39.95 $31.96 20% off 4.6667 By Dr.Hauschka 100mL/3.4fl.oz
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Neem Hair Lotion $29.95 $23.96 20% off 4 By Dr.Hauschka 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Awakening Beauty the Dr.Hauschka Way $36.00 4.3333 By Dr.Hauschka
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Dispenser Pump $5.00 $4.00 20% off By Dr.Hauschka 1 piece

Nourish and treat your hair while promoting a healthy scalp.

These herbal shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments are as exceptional as other Dr. Hauschka products are. With formulas to treat a variety of needs, the holistic organic and biodynamic ingredients will leave your hair strengthened, soft and shiny.