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Reviews for Kajal Eyeliner

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Edith on December 18, 2012

Natural looking, non-greasy, stays put all day. 5

Non-greasy, stays put all day long til I wash it off. Very nice, doesn’t disappear halfway thru the day. I use color #4. I have ash brown brows, and this works just fine. I don’t draw long sweeps. To keep it natural, I use short, thin strokes of the pencil to make it look like short eyebrow hairs. Very natural looking.

By Ivana on November 18, 2011

Incredible eyeliner 5

These eyeliners are offered in lovely shades. I would strongly recommend them for sensitive skin and leaking eyes. I got blue & grey color and love them both. Go for it!

By Dania on November 18, 2011

Good, but too thick 4

The eyeliner goes on pretty well, and I like the shade of blue it comes in. My only issue is that the pencil is too thick. I’d like something with a thinner tip. That’s the one thing I liked better about the drugstore liner I used to buy.

By Naomi on August 12, 2011

Pretty green liner! 5

I was pleasantly surprised by this eyeliner! I have the greenish color and it is just lovely with my green eyes! I have not found these to ‘wander’ as others have reviewed- but then I only wear eyeliner on my upper lash line. I do ‘set’ the liner with a greenish eyeshadow and this helps to prolong the wear as well. I am looking forward to trying more colors!

By Aresbabe on February 23, 2011

Good product, NOT for longwear, does smudge! 4

Like many, I agree this is a good product BUT it does smudge and is not very long wearing. I like it because it is free of chemicals. I like it for everyday but would not wear this on a night out or anything because it smudges. Also, like another reviewer, the tip fell off when sharpening, so be careful. Overall, I recommend based on natural ingredients, also does not irritate my eyes (contact lens wearer).

By Suzy on February 19, 2011

Too much smudging for me... 3

It looks nice and is easy to use…however after an hour or two I find myself looking a bit raccoon-ish. I have not been able to find a natural eyeliner that doesn’t have this effect. Too bad because I love the brown color

By Barbara on February 16, 2011

Does not apply easily 2

These eyeliners do not go on easily. They are too firm. In order to get color on my lid I have to press too hard. Dr. Hauschka needs to soften these up so they can be applied without tugging at the eyelid.

By Margaret on February 15, 2011

Works well, and healthy for your eyes. 4

Like pretty much everything from Dr/ Hauschka, this is a great product. It is highly pigmented, goes on smoothly, smudges well, and lasts, but it will go everywhere if you rub your eyes. The black is a true, dark black, and works well on both upper lashes and on the waterline.
Like most eyeliner pencils, the tip does break off occasionally, and it can smudge if you rub your eyes. However, the fact that there are no harmful chemicals and overall it’s a really nice eyeliner, outweigh the cons.

By Zarah on February 15, 2011

Good but not Great 3

The Espresso bean is a beautiful dark chocolate color. I wanted to like it, but it did leave me with raccoon eyes after a while. The pros are that it’s non-irritating and creamy. It’s a fair product and great if you want to use it to create a softer look. But, it’s not for me. I had to reapply two or three times during the day. Maybe needed something to set it so it stays longer.

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