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Reviews for Lavender Sandalwood Body Moisturizer

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Erin on September 1, 2014

Another great product from Dr. Hauschka 4

Revieved this as a sample and was pleasantly surprised. Better moisturizing and scent than Dr. H’s Rose body moisturizer. I also prefer the slightly thicker consistency.

By Lindsay on January 24, 2014

Very Nourishing Lotion! 5

This lotion is fairly thick and very moisturizing. I thought all Dr. Hauschka body moisturizers had the same formula with different scents, but this is definitely a different formula than the rose body moisturizer. It’s thicker. I actually like it better. Great scent, too. I wasn’t too sure about combining Lavender and Sandalwood but the combo really works. I like it a lot!

By E on November 7, 2013

nice lotion 4

I got a sample of this and it’s really nice. Great scent. The texture is not my preference, I prefer oil or balm, but would definitely recommend to the lotion lovers and it’s very moisturising and silky. :)

By Ashley on April 15, 2013

Silky and nourishing 5

A great moisturizer! It smells rich and luxurious – you can tell there are so many good things in there! My favourite part about this product is the fluid consistency. This makes it so easy to apply. It absorbs very well and lasts all day.

By Cathy on February 1, 2013

Wonderful scent!! 4

This really is a beautiful moisturizer it leaves your skin super soft and hydrated for hours. The smell is what would make me keep purchasing this lotion. It has a beautiful subtle scent of lilacs that is gentle and just lingers. It is perfect for the wintertime blues because it reminds you of summertime and makes you feel happy all over. It does contain alcohol but I may overlook that because it makes me feel great inside and out.

By Ashley on August 23, 2012

Wonderful smell! 5

Most amazing lotion I have found! Smells wonderful and is not sticky. The scent is so yummy! The product also seems to moisturizer do awhile, so I do not have to apply lotion as often as before.

By Carrie on June 12, 2012

Excellent quality lotion! 5

This is excellent lotion. Very moisturizing, nourishing, and fast absorbing. You’re not left with any greasy feeling, only moisturized, glowing skin. I’m giving this lotion 5 stars for the wonderful quality of ingredients and absorption, but the lavender sandalwood smells a little medicinal to me. You might like it, it’s a personal preference. My favorite is the Lemon Lemongrass. I’m very impressed with Dr. Hauschka’s products!

By Joy on May 2, 2012

Perfection in a pump! 5

I have found my new body lotion! I’ve been sampling a few different ones recently and I either didn’t like the texture, the smell or the way it made my skin feel – too greasy or not supple enough. Finally, this one ticks all the boxes. Just the right creaminess, glowing smooth skin and a wonderful relaxing fragrance that is like a dose of aromatherapy while I’m moisturizing my body.

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