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About Dr. Hauschka

Rhythmic Approach to Skin Care

An organic pioneer, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka introduced the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line in 1967. The concept was and continues to be simple: infuse nature’s healing qualities into each preparation in order to stimulate the skin's ability to find its way back to balanced health.

The brand has since grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the organic beauty industry and is worn by many celebrities including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Martha Stewart

Organic credentials

  • All Dr. Hauschka products are produced using ingredients grown on the brand's biodynamic gardens.
  • All products are designed using BDIH certified formulas.
  • Every plant and mineral ingredient is chosen for its unique healing capabilities along with the way it harmonizes with other ingredients.
  • Each ingredient comes from an ecologically and ethically sound source.

What makes this brand special?

The focus on 'rhythm' is the corner stone of the Dr. Hauschka philosophy. All Dr. Hauschka products are created with biodynamic ingredients grown and harvested using unique rhythmic methods. But what does rhythm have to do with skincare?

Your skin has a 28-day rhythmic cycle of renewal allowing it to heal, balance and rejuvenate. Through understanding the rhythmic patterns of nature, Dr. Hauschka has developed beauty regimens that mirror the skins natural cycle of regeneration and therefore result in a balanced, healthily complexion.

Other interesting facts

  • Inspired by Dr. Rudolf Steiner's teachings "rhythms and life".
  • Based on Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's theory on the rhythms of nature inspiring plant-based healing.
  • Developed with pioneer esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund's recognition that skin's internal health reflects its outward appearance.
  • Developed "treat like with like" philosophy - Believe it or not, applying an oil-based product is often the best way to treat oily skin. This is because drying out your skin can leave it vulnerable and in some cases cause an increase in the amount oil the skin produces.

Standout Products

Cleansing Cream 50mL $26.95 4.551 Gently exfoliate, cleanse, and wash away dirt with this effective cream suitable for all skin types.
DRH Revitalizing Hair and Scalp Tonic $29.95 4 Enjoy manageable hair with this holistic hair lotion that nourishes, fortifies, and balances the hair and scalp.
Facial Toner 100mL $34.95 4.4167 Give your skin a refreshing dose of moisture and firmness with this spray-on toner for both normal to dry and mature skin.