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Reviews for Lip Care Stick

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Lindsay on December 27, 2013

Perfect Lip Balm 5

Of all the lip balms I have tried (and I have tried just about every natural and commercial brand out there), this is the best by far. Keeps my sensitive lips soft and moisturized.

By Stephanie on September 23, 2013

HG lip balm! 5

This is, bar none, the best lip balm I have ever tried – and as a lip balm junkie, that’s saying a lot! It sinks into your skin and stays there all day or night, it gives your lips just enough sheen without being too shiny, it’s not too waxy, and it goes on so easily it’s ridiculous. I’ve had no problem with it melting or being too soft, and I keep it in my jeans pocket pretty often. I wish it was less expensive, but not badly enough to stop buying it.

By Frankie on January 24, 2013

Too soft but does a good job 4

The missing 5th star is due to the fact that this lip balm is too soft. It breaks and kinda melts even in a cool bathroom top. Never mind putting it in your purse. It’s greasy and I like to put it on thick but I only use it at night. It does a good job though. Personally, I really like it and I have bought many over the years; however, I’m always on the hunt for a great quality carry-on lip balm.

By Pauline on January 16, 2013

Best lip balm 5

This is the best lip balm ever! It lasts the whole night in our drier-than-the-Sahara climate. Not waxy, very emollient, and I’ve shared it with friends who concur! I apply lip liner for a natural-looking stain. I like this better than Intelligent Nutrients, which is drier, Badger, Burt’s Bees, Fresh, Laura Mercier Lip Silk (for moisture), Pure Potent Wow, I buy these 6 at a time when they go on sale.

By C on September 30, 2012

Definitely Rebuying 5

I live in a dry, high altitude climate and I have to say, this stuff rocks. Amazingly moisturizing, great smell, and I think it may plump my lips ever so slightly. Great product.

By Kyle on June 12, 2012

Moisturizing 5

I really loved this lipbalm! It goes on really sheer, but is more than moisturizing. It does what it says, and helps to moisturize/protect your lips without making them reliant on it. It has a great scent and never becomes cakey or dull. The only complaint I have about this is the price, but for a dr. hauscka product, it’s probably worth it.

By Robyn on March 29, 2012

Will try again 4

I bought this hoping it would be the best lip chap ever, as I have been very lucky with Dr. Haushka products. However, I was a little disappointed in this product, for myself anyway. I found it very thick and my lips just didn’t seem to want to absorb it. It created a film on my lips that just felt gross and looked terrible. But, I decided to try it again as a nighttime lip treatment and I love it for that. I put it on right before bed and it doesn’t seem to make my lips as bad that way. I wake up with soft lips. I did give it another try for day time, but no luck. It still caked and made my lips yucky. I would 100% buy again and keep using…a long as I don’t have to leave the house.

By Kate on August 29, 2011

My favourite 5

My favourite lip balm

By Gc on March 29, 2011

Will use it my whole life! 5

I totally love this lip balm from Dr. Hauschka and am on my 2nd or 3rd tube. At day I like tinted lip balm with spf but at night time I love putting on something plain and scentless. This lip balm fits right into the picture! My lips get dry very easily and this balm hydrates my lips like no others. It’s not too oily but it does its job to get me through the night. When I wake up the next day my lips are well moisturized. I also like about its being in a tube so I don’t have to dip my finger on it, which can get messy sometimes. Will repurchase again and again!

By Rachel on February 17, 2011

Love it! 5

Best lip balm out there. It makes your lips feels soft and moisturized without giving you that desperate lip balm addiction we have all experienced. I love it!

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