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Reviews for Liquid Eyeliner

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Nicole on May 3, 2014

Stays On 4

I love this liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t run (despite a little perspiring), and allows you to draw on a beautiful line. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the flimsiness of the brush. Could be a little stiffer. Other than that, this product is great. I will definitely buy it again.

By Melissa on February 23, 2014

Amazing !! 5

This product is fantastic!!! I am allergic to nearly everything and so far no reactions with this product. Eyeliner goes on so smooth and lasts all day!!!! I couldn’t ask for more. Yes the brush is tiny and takes a little finesse to get use to but this is amazing!!! I think I have found my forever eyeliner! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially those with allergies!!!

By Veronica on March 1, 2013

No thanks 1

It flakes off and smudges really easily. I can’t use this for defined lines. Also the brush is extremely thin so if you want a thicker line you have to do multiple passes which takes time and patience.

By Deb on April 25, 2012

clumpy and flimsy 2

I love Dr. Hauschka and their make up but this eye liner gets kind of clumpy. The brush on the end is flimsy also. For a mascara, that’s expected and easy to get out with the brush by simply moving it at the base of the eyelash but with an eyeliner, you need it to be a smooth line. I’d skip it.

By G.O. on November 19, 2011

Too bad it runs 3

I ordered the black color, really like how smooth this liner goes on. The tip/brush is very fine, allows me to draw a very thin line. However it runs and does not dry fast enough. I wish that it was worth for me the $20+ I spent…if it wasn’t for this I would say by far the best liquid eye liner I have ever purchased.

By Elle on October 1, 2011

Excellent! 5

I just bought this product this week and am really liking it so far. It goes on really smoothly and lasts all day long! Clean and easy to use- great for day or night.

By Naomi on August 12, 2011

Great liquid eyeliner! 4

These are great basic liquid liners! I own the black and brown. For a natural product they are some of the best I’ve tried…but are not as ‘smudge proof’ as their chemical counterparts. The brush is very thin which makes application a bit tricky at first- I wish the applicator was the sponge tip style. If you are a liquid liner fan- I would recommend these!

By Kate on August 11, 2011

Good stuff 4

I like that it is natural (except the titanium dixode isn’t so great) and doesn’t irritate. It looks great on, but again cuz it doesn’t use harmful products it smudges easily.

By Barbara on February 16, 2011

Creates a Flawless Smooth Line 5

I use the brown almost daily with the brown mascara. The applicator is designed perfectly and the formula very smooth. You can easily produce a thin smooth line right at the lashes. The color stays in place all day without smearing. Like the mascara this comes off easily and does not irritate the eyes. One of my favorite products.

By Lauren on February 15, 2011

takes some fine skill! 4

This eyeliner takes a lot of steady skill to apply because of the long, soft, thin brush. I usually have to paint it on like an artist in order to get the shape I want, and continuously fix it with cotton swabs. My long eyelashes get in the way more than they have with liquid eyeliners that have shorter application brushes. It doesn’t stay put as long as artificial makeup, like it might flake off a bit through the day, but I’d say that’s a fair tradeoff!

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