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Reviews for Regenerating Serum

By Dr.Hauschka

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By C on May 15, 2014

Got a rash-had to stop using 3

I’ve heard great things about this brand so I was hopeful that I would like the serum. I thought that the scent was nice, and I liked that it was easy to apply and felt light on my skin. It was quickly absorbed into my skin, and left my face feeling soft. That said, after the third or fourth application I noticed that my skin felt itchy shortly after applying and I could see small bumps and a rash developing on my cheek. I can only assume that there is an ingredient in the product that I am sensitive to, so I did not continue to use it.

By Rita on January 18, 2013

Revolutionary 4

This serum has revolutionized my skin. I went from a challenging complexion with oily patches, dry patches, red patches, the works – to now a smooth and supple face with only traces of fine lines around my eyes (what do you expect when you’re 40 something). Definitely a worthwhile step to take in your skin care routine. I didn’t find the botanical scent off-putting at all.

By Mb on December 23, 2011

Scent too strong 4

I can only review the fragrance of this product which I found so strong, I couldn’t even put it on my face. As soon as I got it close to my face, my eyes started to burn and I was overwhelmed by a very intense smell reminiscent of alcohol or witch hazel. I thought it was the sample packet so I tried the two others I had only to get the same results. Probably not a good match for anyone sensitive to fragrance.

By Tina on February 17, 2011

Expected more 3

As with the Rose creme, I expected more from this product. After use of entire bottle, did not see a visible result. I want to love Dr. Hauschka, I really do, but for the price, I’m just not feeling it.

By Peggy on February 17, 2011

so far , so good 4

just started and my face looks smoother already. I love all the Dr H products

By Organicmama on February 15, 2011

Awesome serum 5

I love this serum because it really makes my skin glow. It’s light and not greasy. I use it under my makeup and also at night. I haven’t had any breakouts since using the serum, and I used to break out regularly. VERY effective.

By Jean on February 1, 2011

Fantastic. Really lives up to its product description 5

If anyone had told me five years ago that I would soon be using a rejuvenating product on my face I would have laughed. I intended to grow old gracefully without such help but after trying a sample of Dr. Haushka’s Regenerating Serum I was hooked. It really does what the product description says – my skin stays hydrated so that I no longer need a heavy moisturizer and have switched from my usual product to Dr. Haushka’s Rose Cream Light, my skin is less irritated and looks brighter and I do believe my wrinkles are less pronounced. An added benefit for me is that I have three areas on my face where psoriasis tends to flare up from time to time, usually in response to illness or stress. While using Dr. Haushka’s Regenerating Serum, however, I have not had a single flare-up despite going through some very stressful times.

By Jen on January 28, 2011

Really like it. 5

I had been using Jurlique’s serum, which was excellent, but I think this is better for me. Where I live is so dry that I need extra moisture, even under my moisturizer. This really does the trick. It reduces redness and irritation. It is light, absorbs beautifully and is not sticky.

By Anne on January 26, 2011

Wonderful product....worth every penny. 5

I have used Dr.Hauschka Regnerating Serum for a few years. I apply this at night, along with eye cream. I feel very good that I’m using such a pure and natural product on my face. I am 50 years old…and have not had to use any additional products. It gives my face a very balanced feeling and I appreciate that I do not have to apply multiple products to my face, especially at night when less should be more!

By Bev. on January 25, 2011

A touch of dew next to your skin! 5

I ordered the Regenerating Serum just to see what everyone is always talking about, using a serum before you put on a moisturizer. Wow, what a difference it really makes! Our Manitoban winters are deadly for our skin, and when I started using the Serum, it was like having a secret to keep my skin extra soft! In the summertime, the Serum held the moisture under my day cream without any heavy feeling.

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