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Reviews for Translucent Makeup

By Dr.Hauschka

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 hearts
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By Adee on January 22, 2013

I like it allot! 5

I have Rosacea and very dry skin, I really like this make up, goes on smoothly and covers redness nicely and a little goes a long way! Very happy I found it!

By Edith on December 18, 2012

Better than many foundations, but not as good as Vapour. 3

I liked this better than what I’d been using. However, my skin just didn’t have a healthy glow and look to it. This makeup was flat. I read the reviews for Vapour Soft Focus Foundation and tried it…and now Dr. Hauska Translucent Makeup sits in my drawer never to be used again. I never got compliments for the way I looked when using this product. But the compliments pour in daily when I started using the Vapour brand.

By Candice on December 9, 2012

Just not right for me 2

This foundation is very sheer. A friend highly recommended it to me as she swears by it paired with Dr. Hauschka’s cover stick. I was excited to try the product and loved the scent! But I have really oily and acne prone skin. I’m also used to a lot of coverage and I just couldn’t get it with this foundation.

By Vivian on November 16, 2012

Really happy with it! 4

I’m really liking this foundation. It gives me a nice even coverage, but it is translucent so I do still use a spot concealer on my few blemishes. But overall it evens out my complexion and it lasts all day. I use a makeup sponge to apply it and it glides on nicely. Very happy with it! Just bought my second tube!

By Mb on October 3, 2012

Positives and negatives 3

This foundation evened my skin out nicely and it’s not too thick which is a positive in my book. The only negative is that it feels a little too heavy when applied. I prefer foundations that don’t feel like another layer on top of my skin.

By Sheila on September 15, 2012

Not enough colour 1

It’s not for me. They don’t have a lot shades to choose from. And it doesn’t cover blemish. Coverage is very sheer and not long lasting.

By Cassidy on August 23, 2012

Very nice, but not for me 4

Very nice, sheer coverage. It would be good for someone who wants to even out their skin tone, but doesn’t really like/want to wear full foundation. I don’t like the smell of it very much, but that fades quickly. The colour isn’t quite right for my skin tone however, it would be better if they had more options.

By Dee on August 22, 2012

I like it 4

I really like this product and I’ve gotten compliments on how smooth my skin looks since I’ve been using it.

By Katie on August 1, 2012

Only foundation I'll ever use 5

Another amazing product from Dr. H. I used to never wear foundation because I hated how it caked my face — it looked unnatural and felt icky. This, however, makes my face look totally even and natural and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything.

By Kylie on June 20, 2012

Meh.. 3

People in the reviews really seem to like this product, but I didn’t care for it. I liked the consistency of the product, which I would say is that of a thick liquid, not too thin, and not to dense. It was fairly easy to spread. However, I felt the color was really sheer, and if you have something on your face you are trying to cover, this is really not the best foundation. Also, after an hour, the formula began to disintegrate on my face, not very attractive. The bottle is also very small, and I don’t think its worth the price. I think there are better foundations or concealing creams out there. The scent is nice, but I was disappointed.

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