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Reviews for Volume Mascara

By Dr.Hauschka

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By Susie on December 31, 2011

Great natural mascara! 5

This is the best natural mascara I have found. It goes on smoothly, does not irritate my sensitive eyes, and wears well. It does smudge fairly easily when wet but no more so than any other non-waterproof mascara. Love Dr Hauschka and love this mascara!

By Emma on November 23, 2011

Smells like roses! 4

This is one of the first natural mascaras I’ve tried (except from 100% pure’s mascara) and I must admit that it is just as good as any mascara from Dior, Chanel etc. that I’ve been using prior to going natural with my makeup. The first thing that I love about this mascara is that it is indeed BLACK, and not washy grey or blue-ish black as some mascaras can be. The second thing that I absolutely love about this product is that it smells like roses — lovely! It does a very nice job at making lashes look longer, however, it’s not quite as volumizing as I’d hoped. And it does smudge after a while. My main concern about mascaras is finding one that doesn’t smudge, and natural mascaras are not quite ‘waterproof’.. other than that it is a lovely product.

By Ivana on November 18, 2011

Impressive quality product 5

This mascara is an excelent natural product comparable in quality with the other brands in that price category. I would highly recommend it for people with the eye and skin allergiees.

By Ashley on August 14, 2011

Nice formula, but flakes off 3

I really wanted to love this product. I really liked it the first few hours it was on my eyes, but found that it flaked off by the end of the day. My eyes definitely liked the non-irritating formula, but I like my mascara to stay put all day and not appear less noticeable at the end of the day. I tried several tubes and hoped it would get better, but the flakes bothered me too much. I do have really long lashes, so it may have flaked more easily because they can rub my eye lid. I do recommend this product if you have sensitive eyes or are only going to be worried about how it looks for a few hours of time.

By Eco on June 9, 2011

Great natural mascara 4

I wear contacts and also have sensitive eyes but this product didn’t irritate them at all. I didn’t experience any smudging but I use only one coat and I haven’t worn it in serious summer humidity yet, just light rain. Pros – no irritation, great consistency, good volume, and I can take it off easily with straight olive oil. Cons – there is some minor flaking but it only seems to appear later at night (rather than end of the work day). This is no Dior mascara in terms of volume, but since that mascara was contributing to eyelash loss I can live without it. Also BY FAR a better product than a semi-natural Origins mascara I tried previously.

By Naomi on March 29, 2011

Great mascara! 5

This is the best ‘healthy’ mascara I have used! The color is rich and black, goes on smooth, and gives my lashes a clump free and thicker look. It is a bit pricey, but worth it for the quality of ingredients and performance. The only downside is that it will run very easily if it gets wet- but this also means it is very easy to remove…Wore it to a wedding recently and it survived my teary eyes well none-the-less!

By Melissa on March 16, 2011

Great natural mascara 5

I was never really a fan of makeup (especially since most are full of chemicals) but I found this mascara after trying several other products from Dr. Hauschka and I love it! It goes on super-smooth, doesn’t clump, and comes in brown, which matches my hair and skin tone much better than black. It doesn’t run and looks great when paired with Dr. Hauschka liquid eyeliner.

By Katie on March 15, 2011


Best mascara ever. I won’t ever need to try another. Thickens with additional applications, no flaking whatsoever and comes over easily with water. Best of all, my eyes were irritated from mineral eyeshadow and the mascara didn’t bother the eye area.

By Denise on February 21, 2011

full lash look 5

i love this mascara, lush, full eyelashes, the brush allows for a full lash look,

By Liza on February 17, 2011

Just what I wanted 4

Just what I wanted in a mascara, good coverage, no clumping, effective brush, and no irritation, which I was getting with regular mascara.

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