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Reviews for Volume Mascara

By Dr.Hauschka

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 hearts
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By April on February 17, 2011

Wink, wink! 5

Love this mascara! Great black color…didn’t smudge, easy to take off and totally didn’t clump. Lasted a good amount of time, too. Loved knowing that I wasn’t putting “yuck” near my eyes even though I wanted to wear make-up. Score!

By Pilot on February 16, 2011

Just O.K. 3

In our house we really make an effort to use organic products whenever we can. This mascara is OK, but it could not convince me to stop using my drugstore brand (I hate to admit this!).

By Leslie on February 16, 2011

Best natural mascara I've ever tried 5

This is by far the best natural mascara I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t smudge. It makes my lashes fuller and longer. The black is nice and dark. It flakes at times by the end of the day, but it performs much better than any others. A little pricey, but probably worth it since it works so well.

By Peggy on February 16, 2011

no smudge 4

I love this mascara. I choose the aubergine, which nicely complements my hazel eyes. no clumps, no smudge.

By Holly on February 15, 2011

Lush and smooth, but need to use several coats 4

This mascara is so super smooth and lush and doesn’t smell bad at all. I took off a heart because it gets a little smeary in humid weather. And you will need to use multiple coats (I use three) to get the desired effect that I’ve been able to achieve with other volume mascaras in just one coat. I’m not sure I will buy again because of how many coats I use vs. the price, but it is a very nice product.

By Lorie on February 15, 2011

The Best Natural Mascara Out There 4

I’ve tried numerous natural mascaras and this one is the best by far. The fullness and length rivals L’oreal Voluminous, which has my favorite “regular” mascara for years. I took one point off because it is not waterproof. The other day I was laughing so hard that the tears came down and so did my mascara!

By Sydney on February 15, 2011

Loving this Lushious Mascara!!! 5

Fall of Sophomore year of college I bought Maybelline’s Volum’ Express® The Colossal Washable Mascara. It had been my go to product.until now. is a great resource to search ingredients in your cosmetics, searchable by product. When clicking on “Mascara” you are shown the top 12 ingredients commonly found in the product, one of which is Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer. Did you know that the same coating you put on your eyelashes are the same that coat food packaging? Yikes! Luckily, I found Volume Mascara By Dr.Hauschka. I have only used it for a week, but I can tell you, it even SMELLS better than my old Maybelline Volum’ Express® The Colossal Washable Mascara!

By Denise on February 15, 2011

luscious lashes 5

luscious lashes without the heaviness from chemical mascaras. the brush is full and gives a lovely long lash!

By Lucie on February 15, 2011

Great 4

Great Mascara without all the chemicals. My old mascara’s always irritated my eyes but I don’t get that with this mascara. I would highly recommend.

By Abby-Lynn on February 15, 2011

Great product 4

This is a really great mascara, I have ordered it three times now. It makes your lashes look full and long and it doesn’t clump. The only down side is that after a long day it dusts off under your eyes and you end up with some black smudges. Overall though, a fantastic and safe mascara.

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