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Reviews for Organic Shampoo

By Dr. Jones'

Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Olga on May 28, 2014

Wonderful product - highly recommend it 5

Great shampoo, completely recommend it to everyone male/female. I concur with some of the other poeple that stated that you don’t have to wash your hair the next day, which is extremly nice. The hair is still fresh looking, not oily. It is also great not to wash your hair daily to promote natural oils to help with the hairs endurance. Overall I am very satisfied, just purchased the conditioner also, and would like to see how that works.

By Kim on April 1, 2014

My new favorite shampoo! 5

My new favorite shampoo. You only need a little bit and it lathers! It’s gentle but cleans my hair well. I also think the price is far more reasonable than most of the other organic shampoos.

By Erin on October 19, 2013

Works well, but very floral smelling 3

Effective shampoo with lots of lather, but I didn’t care for the floral smell. I much prefer the smell of the John Masters Shampoos.

By Sue on October 9, 2013

Gentle but Effective Shampoo 5

I had gone through many, many shampoos before I found this one. It cleans thoroughly and rinses out easily, yet leaves my hair really soft and I don’t find I need to use any conditioner. Also, I can go two days between washes which I could never do before as I tend to have an oily scalp. It’s gentle but effective.

By Stacey on August 21, 2013

Hair food 5

Just ordered a thousand bottles of this stuff. Ok, not really. But if I could I would. It’s that good. My hair is utterly in love.

By Kattiuska on July 28, 2013

Great shampoo! 5

I love, love, love this shampoo!!! It truly leaves my hair feeling light and clean! I’ve tried several organic shampoos and this is my favorite by far!!!

By Michelle on February 11, 2013

My hair and scalp are happy <3 5

Like the previous review from Cathy, I don’t have to use a conditioner with this shampoo (well except maybe a leave-in on the ends). I wash my hair twice, getting a great lather the second time around. As a result, I’m always left with super shiny, moisturized locks and no sticky residue like some other shampoos leave behind. The best part is that I don’t have to use too much product which means the bottle will last me a long time.

By Jessie on January 27, 2013

Excellent shampoo 5

I first tried this over the holidays at my parents’ house, where they have soft well water. I was absolutely shocked; my hair had never felt so soft, luscious, and well-behaved. Unfortunately it doesn’t perform as well in hard city water (nothing does), but it’s still the best natural shampoo I’ve tried. My hair feels healthy after using it, but but this washes effectively, not leaving my super-fine hair feeling oily like a lot of natural shampoos do.

By Cathy on January 18, 2013

Shiny gorgeous hair!!! 5

This shampoo makes a huge difference on your will leave your hair so soft and shiny and I don’t even need to use a conditioner. The shampoo is very moisturizing itself and it won’t strip your hair like regular chemical shampoos do that make you need to use a conditioner. I can’t say enough about this great shampoo will always continue to use it.

By Georgia on November 5, 2012

Fabulous shampoo 5

Finally, an organic shampoo company gets it right. There’s no big compromise on quality just to go the natural route. There’s only so much I would do for my “green” philosophies, and having perpetual bad hair days for the sake of the environment is not one of them. With Dr. Jones you get a luxurious clean with a divine scent, and your hair looks and feels fabulous, manageable and shiny. I used to have kind of limp and lifeless locks, but now I’d describe myself as having a thick mane with lots of body. Seriously, this is a great shampoo. Great with its sister conditioner too.