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Reviews for Cradle Cap Oil

By Erbaviva

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By Tara on April 5, 2012

The best cure for craddle cap out there 5

This is a very effective solution for this unsightly but relatively harmless condition. My daughter’s cradle cap showed up in full force about a we were due to do a big photo session with extended family and I wanted her to look her best. I tried a few different approaches, including straight olive oil and even baby mineral oil (yikes, did that make things flare up even more), but this was the thing that worked best. It was soothing and moisturizing and sweet smelling. After a few days or massaging it in, the flaky patches seemed to quell down and never came back much again. I’m so grateful for this oil.

By Laura on February 15, 2011

Really solves the cradle cap problem!! 5

This is the first and only product to completely solve my son’s cradle cap problem. Natural fragrance (not overwhelming), very easy to work into baby’s scalp. A must have for any baby with any amount of cradle cap.

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