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Reviews for Diaper Cream

By Erbaviva

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By Erin on April 28, 2013

Too runny for me 3

I received a sample of this and was eager to try it out. I found it runny, which made it messy to apply. I prefer the thicker consistency of the MacLauren product.

By Frankie on January 23, 2013

Not what it seems 1

I’m not sure how on earth this cream is supposed to hydrate and heal dry skin. I used it on my hands and feet and the skin around the nails got white and dry. I had to wash it off because it felt really icky. I wouldn’t put that on my baby’s bum.

By Christine on May 11, 2012

Cures and prevents diaper rash 4

This is a staple in my nursery and diaper bag. I started using it when my daughter developed a bright red diaper rash that wouldn’t quit. This stuff seemed to magically heal her. Now I use it more as a preventative barrier cream and she hasn’t had a rash since.

By Claudia on April 18, 2012

Very gentle 4

I really like this product, but my son (2 1/2 yrs) requests something else, like olive oil, when is really bad. I would place a nice layer of day to prevent skin breakdown though.

By Stephanie on December 22, 2011

Good product! 4

I loved this product—-works great! Unfortunately, my son suddenly became sensitive to it after using it for a full year. I’d still recommend it for sure to prevent diaper rash. It has a wonderful scent and kept him smooth and soft.

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