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About Erbaviva

Organic products for everyone

Created in 1996 as a luxurious line of unique and organic products for babies, Erbaviva has successfully grown to include pampering body care items for mothers-to-be and even a naturally effective range of deodorants.

With natural plant ingredients being carefully blended to create the gentlest products possible, Erbaviva is the safe choice when dealing with delicate skin.

Erbaviva products are used on some of the most famous Hollywood ladies (and their babies), including Laura Dern, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Kate Hudson and Julianne Moore.

Organic credentials

  • Many Erbaviva products carry the USDA organic seal and contain 95% or more certified organic ingredients.
  • All fabric packaging and basketry is purchased through the Pwo Karen hill tribe of Northern Thailand and Burma to aid villagers in creating sustainable farms.
  • Products are made at Erbaviva's renewable energy powered facility in Southern California.
  • Free of synthetic emulsifiers, sodium laurel sulphates and other unnatural or chemical ingredients.

What makes this brand special?

Grown in small batches for big results

These organic ingredients are sourced from small farms committed to producing superior plants and essential oils. They do this by growing the highest quality organic plants in small batches to best preserve their therapeutic qualities.

Other interesting facts

  • Some of the purest and most effective deodorants on the market, Erbaviva's sprays are aluminum-free, pleasantly scented, ideal for men and women and won't clog pores or irritate skin.
  • Erbaviva's main detergent is a natural derivative of Olive oil while the products get their foamy lather from the Chilean Soap Bark tree.
  • Erbaviva's first product, the Baby Washbag, is a soapless alternative to conventional baby cleansers. The unbleached organic cotton sachet is filled with organic Oatmeal, Milk and Lavender to deliver the mildest clean.

Standout Products

Baby Lotion $18.00 4 Help nourish baby's tender skin with this gentle, light lotion that uses completely natural emulsifiers and organic moisturizing plant oils.
Baby Cream $18.00 4 Moisturize baby's gentle skin with this lightweight organic baby cream.
Baby Washbag Pouch $36.00 3.6667 Soft enough for newborns, this organic soap-free wash bag was designed to gently cleanse while maintaining the natural oils necessary for good hydration.