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Erbaviva Lemon Sage Deodorant Travel Size  

Lemon Sage Deodorant Travel Size

The perfect size to pop in a bag for on-the-go.

By Erbaviva


Size: 30mL/1fl.oz

Country: United States


4 customer reviews

The perfect size to pop in a bag for on-the-go.

More about this product

A USDA certified organic, aluminum-free spray-on deodorant. Organic extracts of Sage, Lemon, Patchouli, and Tea Tree Oils with organic grain alcohol, an earthy and bold smelling spray deodorant that counteracts the growth of bacteria and doesn't clog pores. The aroma of this very effective healthful essential is very popular and loved by both men and women. No Aluminum products, no chemicals, no clogged pores.


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By Grace on February 28, 2013

Gets the job done 4

This is my first time trying a natural deodorant, and I was pleasantly surprised. I will warn you, for me personally, the ONLY scent I pick up on this is the Patchouli and upon first application it was pretty strong. It did fade a bit after a few hours. I thought it did an excellent job at keeping odor at bay, I definitely will try some of their other scents and products.

By Kate on April 27, 2012

Love the travel size 4

The scent is gender neutral and not too overwhelming. It blocks body odor great. (I find that sage is one of the best essentials oils for a deodorant... I've tried a few.) I love that it comes in a travel size. Great for sampling to make sure you like the scent!

By Jessie on February 2, 2013

Doesn't cut it for me. 3

"Earty and bold smelling" is an apt description! This is a handy little travel size, and certainly smells like it should be effective. Unfortunately, it just doesn't cut it. I don't perspire a particular lot, but I end up smelling less than fresh wearing this.

By Hannah on March 22, 2012

Good trial size 4

My husband and I both use this - it's a very gender neutral fragrance that works. Try it out in this travel size option if you want to see (or smell) for yourself before committing to a full sized bottle.

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Directions for use

Use daily in place of other less natural deodorants. Most effective if not used in conjunction with any other type of under-arm product.


Organic grain alcohol. Essential oils: organic lemon, sandalwood, organic patchouli, and organic tea tree oil.

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