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Reviews for Lemon Sage Deodorant

By Erbaviva

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By Tatiana on March 2, 2014

Mind the smell! 3

I only gave this deodorant three stars because of it’s very strong smell. It is way too strong for me and it doesn’t disappear with time. The smell stays on your clothes as well. But other then that- great product.

By E on July 13, 2013

Life Freshener 5

This is one of my favorite things ever. I don’t use it as a deodorant per se, but I do spray myself with it after the gym, or my bike commute, and I use it on my clothes to freshen them up, especially my nice sweaters and stuff between dry cleanings or hand washings. It smells fresh and clean and warm, mmmm..

By Theresa on December 12, 2012

Guy smell with staying power. 4

I bought a sample size to try. I sprayed one pump on my wrist. It burned a little. But the scent was overpowering. I tried washing it off with dial, dawn, olive oil multiple times through out the day. So the staying power is very good. Unfortunately my family doesn’t like the smell of sage (though it could be they had too much feasting at thanksgiving because they said I smelled like a turkey.)
It’s a guy smell.

By Pilar on October 22, 2012

Fresh and dry 5

I recently decided to transition away from aluminum antiperspirants and am so glad I have found this alternative. It might not be as effective and long lasting as the drug store brands, but it does keep me fresh smelling and relatively dry (maybe not through a workout, but I can deal with that). I haven’t noticed any staining.

By Judy on February 11, 2012

Overwhelming scent 1

I put this product on and drove my daughter to school, less than an hour round trip. By the time I got home I was completely overwhelmed by the scent of this product. I had to change my clothes and wash my underarms before I could continue on with my day. I poured it down the sink and boy was that a mistake! My whole house was overtaken by the products smell, even after running water down the drain for several minutes.

By Katie on June 24, 2011

Will be great if you don't sweat excessively! 3

I really think it works pretty well, but it stained my whites (it washed out, but while wearing turned yellow).

By Dee on June 10, 2011

Its just great 5

I really like this deodrant not only is it organic and free from chemicals but it really keeps you fresh all day! I used to use natural crystal deodrant…but Iam afraid I may have a new one coming my way!keep um stocked!

By Savennia on March 22, 2011

great product 5

I love it. The smell is great and it helps me feel fresh all-day long. It’s worth my money.

By Kuresh on February 28, 2011

the deodorant is a winner 5

highly effective deodorant,great for my underarms,has a fantastic aroma,this deo is a winner

By Elizabeth on February 16, 2011

Perfect, and it comes in travel size too! 5

Finally a natural deodorant that works really well!! It is the best natural deodorate I’ve found! The scent is nice. The spray works well. No sensitivity. And my husband uses it too! I did try the Jasmine Grapefruit scent as well, but the scent didn’t work for me.

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