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Reviews for Sunscreen SPF 15

By Erbaviva

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By Emerald on February 26, 2012

Effective sunscreen 4

This sunscreen is formulated for children so it’s very gentle and does not cause me to break out. But I don’t give it 5 stars because it leaves very noticeable white residue on my face when I apply an adequate amount of sunscreen (I have medium skin tone). So when I put it on my face, I need to mix it with some foundation (which is Living Nature Illuminating Tint) to prevent the “ghost” effect. I find that the foundation also make the sunscreen stay better on my skin. It’s a mineral sunscreen so it takes a few minutes to rub in until it absorbs into my skin. The herbal scent is fine to me and it fades away very quickly, leaving a soft scent on the skin. The SPF 15 may sounds “low” but I actually find it pretty effective.

By Mb on October 29, 2011

Beautiful 4

This sunscreen is beautiful. It’s light and absorbs nicely. It also doesn’t leave a greasy shine or white streaks on the face. I wish it was 30 instead of 15 though.

By Lwc on February 28, 2011

One of my favorites! 5

I have tried so many sunscreens over the years & this is definitely in my top five favorites. (Along with John Masters & Marie Veronique). The only complaint I have is that they should make SPF 30 version of this.

By Newyorker on February 20, 2011

Light, non-greasy, effective! 5

This is our family’s favorite sunscreen. Though we do need to apply quite often during a long day in the sun (but you are supposed to do that with traditional sunscreens anyway), we have found it to be quite effective in protecting our skin. It is easily absorbed, non-greasy, and a little goes a long way. It is also one of the few sunscreens we have tried, amongst dozens of brands, that does not cause a rash or irritation to our skin. Highly recommend!

By Leeann on February 18, 2011

Like a sunscreen and moisturiser in one 4

I like how this sunscreen contains quality oils, so often this is all I use in the morning. I do apply a decent amount of cream and this can make me look whiter than I’d like but I suppose that’s hard to avoid with an all-natural sunscreen. I have mixed tinted moisturiser with it and thanks to the products being natural and organic, I’ve had no adverse skin reactions.

By Elizabeth on February 16, 2011

Love the brand, but it didn't work for us. 2

The scent is nice, but my daughter was a little sensitive to the sunscreen. I also found it was a little sticky when rubbing it into my daughters skin, so not so much fun to put on. It didn’t work for my family.

By Star on February 15, 2011

best kids natural sunscreen 5

I love this stuff. It is great on my wee ones – for a natural sunscreen it goes on easily with less white paste – and yet protects very well.
I have tried many – and always come back to this!

By Jessica on February 15, 2011

Great for the whole family! 4

My hubby and I try to use all natural/organic products whenever we can. This is a great light scented sunscreen, I use it as well. Safe for our little baby girl too, makes mommy happy!!

By Kerri on February 3, 2011

Great suncreen, both for adults and children. 4

I really like this suncreen! I use it for myself and my two little ones. It has never irritated their sensitive skin. It goes on quite sheer for a physical suncreen and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue (unlike many natural suncreens). The whitish cast fades quickly as well. Smells great too. My only complaint is that it is a little pricey, but the tube lasts a long time.

By Renee on January 25, 2011

Amazing fragrance and texture, keeps well, wish they made 30 5

This sunscreen is supposed to be for babies, but it rocks for adults too. It has a great light nongreasy texture, is not too white, and smells AMAZING! I also like how it keeps—some smell rancid after a while, but I found a tube I’d unwittingly left in my hike pack for an extra season and the fragrance and texture were intact! Yet it has no artificial anything, so whatever was used to stabilize was all natural. That’s a rare product. It’s only SPF 15 and I wish they made a 30. I’m really picky about sunscreen and this one makes my top 5 list (along with Mychelle, Mexitan, and Hauschka)