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Reviews for Sunscreen SPF 30

By Erbaviva

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By Kim on August 29, 2013

Ok, but not the right suncreen for me 2

I got a sample of this to try because I was looking for a new sunscreen, without all the harmful chemicals so commonly found in traditional sunscreens. Boy am I glad I decided to get a sample first. This product unfortunately gives you that “ghost-like” white appearance that so many sunscreens do. It is quite thick and takes a very long time to absorb into the skin. Even with 5 whole minutes of rubbing, my skin was left with a chalky white layer on top. I could honestly get over that, just because of the good ingredients, but unfortunately this product made me breakout on two separate occasions (I did the two tests one week apart, just to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence). That obviously may not happen to everyone, but overall this sunscreen just wasn’t the right one for me.

By Y on July 13, 2013

Pleasant Surpise 4

This was a pleasant surprise for me. I was reluctant to switch my sunscreen because I had finally found one that didn’t leave me feeling sticky but I gave in since it was filled with synthetics. This is actually my first product from Erbaviva and I’m pretty happy with it. No greasy feeling! Will probably look into other Erbaviva products from now on.

By Lisa on May 29, 2013

Blends in well 5

This is the best natural sunscreen I have tried. I will wear it on my face (which is saying something!). It does NOT leave the thick white residue that many others leave. I find it blends in very well.

By Frankie on May 15, 2013

Get the Best! 5

I have only tried a sample of this sunscreen after I bought the John Masters SPF30. I found it smells really great, has a good texture and penetrates the skin nicely. I actually preferred it to the John Masters and the price is very reasonable.
This is definitely on my list of must haves.

By Liza on February 28, 2013

Good for my girls, not so much for me 3

It’s a little thick and opaque going on, which is fine for my kids who have no degree of vanity in them (yet). But it doesn’t really work for me – I look too ghostly for about 20 minutes before it really absorbs in. It definitely does the trick in terms of sunscreen, which is the point I guess, but I’m still searching for that perfect natural lotion that protects without chemicals and disappears into my skin. One can dream.

By Celia on September 5, 2012

Love Love Love 5

I love this sunscreen, it’s my favorite and it does not leave me feeling sticky oily or dry like others. Great feel and scent!

By Aileen on March 24, 2012

Happy with this sunscreen 4

The consistency is a little different than the chemical-filled sunscreens I’m used to (and now abhor), but that’s okay with me. So I have to rub it in a little longer so the barrier spreads around without a visible white mask, it does eventually disappear. I use this on me and the kids whenever we are out in the sun.

By Jocelyn on March 24, 2012

Absolutely wonderful sunscreen! Smooth, light, easy to apply 5

Wonderful sunscreen!!! It is so smooth and light… I put it on my 7 months old and his face feels so cool and soft. It doesn’t make his skin feels oily compare to other organic products I’ve tried. We are Asian and it didn’t cause any white, flake spots on our skin. Usually I only put sunscreen on us if we plan to go out on a sunny day because I don’t like the heavy and oily feeling that most sunscreens tend to cause, but this product is so amazing that I have an urge to apply it twice a day after the baby cream. I am a total fan!!!!

By Holisticmama on March 20, 2012

Great Product! 5

I’ve used this product on my kids for years and I can’t say enough about it! It’s creamy and goes on smoothly; it’s not oily or thin like others on the market and it smells fantastic. I’ve never had any problem with it being flaky.

By Adrienne on March 1, 2012

Nice smell, cream can flake fast 3

Lovely lavender smell, but goes on thick and white. You must massage on face quickly otherwise it starts to flake.

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