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Organic Lip Balms

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Quease-Ease Lip Balm $8.95 $7.16 20% off 3.75 By Erbaviva 2g/0.07 oz
Lemongrass Shea Butter Lip Balm $3.49 5 By LEAP Organics 4.5g/0.15 oz
Currently unavailable
Peppermint Lip Balm $2.69 4.3333 By Dr. Bronner's 4.5g/0.15 oz
Earth Day Sale
Lip Tint & Shimmer Stick $6.00 $4.80 20% off on select options 3.7143 By Badger 5g/0.17 oz
Earth Day Sale
Nourishing Tinted Lip Balm $7.00 $5.60 20% off 4.375 By Alima Pure
Orange Ginger Lip Balm $2.69 4.75 By Dr. Bronner's 4.5g/0.15 oz
Currently unavailable
Lavender Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm $3.49 4.75 By LEAP Organics 4.5g/0.15 oz
Lemon Lime Lip Balm $2.69 4 By Dr. Bronner's 4.5g/0.15 oz

Achieve kissable, supple, and soft lips with these softening balms.

Kiss dry, flaky, and chapped lips goodbye with these organic lip balms that aid in moisturizing and repairing the lip area. Made with all-natural plant essential oils and natural waxes, these 100% natural lip products won’t irritate the skin. Whether you’re looking for lip balms with a little shimmer, color, or flavor, Saffron Rouge has it all! Best part? No petroleum, chemicals, or other irritating ingredients are used. Organic Lip Care FAQs