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About Honoré des Prés.

100% organic fragrances with a modern, quirky sensibility

Honoré des Prés perfumes create an exciting olfactory experience that honors the integrity of its raw ingredients. Using exciting contrasts and curious clashes of vegetables, flowers, herbs and seeds, these quirky yet sophisticated scents are organic masterpieces of contemporary perfumery. You’ll find unexpected essences of carrots, grass, rum and marizpan within the line, a range of scents each with its own personality and presence. With a firm commitment to organic farming practices and chemical-free fragrances, Honoré des Prés brings traditional Parisan perfumery into today’s eco-conscious world.

Organic Credentials

  • 100% natural botanical essences
  • 100% ECOCERT certified organic ingredients
  • No phtalates
  • No petrochemical
  • No synthetics
  • No colorants
  • No animal testing
  • No animal-based ingredients
  • No irritants

What Makes This Brand Special?

Honoré des Prés was established in 2008 by Christian David, an eccentric romantic formerly of Dior and Sisley. His goal was to create a line of unconventional, modern fragrances from 100% organic ingredients with no synthetic or petrochemical additives yet still with the quality and artistry of fine French perfumery. He wanted to investigate new territories in the natural world of scent that would  be so appealing, authentic and delicious that there would be no excuse not to go green.

On that note, he collaborated with Olivia Giacobetti, one of the most celebrated contemporary perfumers in France, to create a new luxurious line of organic fragrances using exceptional essences harvested with the scrupulous ECOCERT label. Part bohemian chic, part urban farmer’s market, but always with a wink of elegant sophistication, this eclectic line of fabulous fragrances never compromises its philosophical or artistic integrity.

Standout Products

Love les Carottes $107.80 4 Love les Carottes is a return to the virgin earth with a sweet orange fragrance from the Caribbean, a touch of vanilla, a drop of iris butter and organic carrots grown on the roofs of Harlem, all of it blended with patchouli oil and benzoin to create a base note.