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Reviews for Vamp à NY

By Honoré des Prés

Average rating: 4.7 out of 5 hearts
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By Kathiann on December 27, 2013

Pretty Perfume 5

I really like this perfume. It lasts a long time when you put it on and the smell is SOOO good. It is pricy, but it makes you feel so pretty :-)

By Cora on February 17, 2013

Simply Delectable! 5

The word LOVE does not even begin to describe my infatuation with this perfume!! I have been searching for a long time for my ‘perfect’ perfume, and being that I have tried some of the best all natural/organic perfumes out there I finally tried this prior to purchasing it. The smell at first was so strong and too much for me with the tuberose and rum, then as it quieted down the resulting hours of scent were unreal. I was addicted, there is nothing more I can say. I normally do not wear perfume on a daily basis, yet this one I do and my husband catches me smelling my wrists and thinks I am a little strange! Its a very gourmand dry down with tuberose, run, and delicious vanilla nuances that are not overly sweet, indescribable, a true mastery of perfume!!

By Memaw on February 2, 2013

Worth the Price 5

This is my second fragrance from this line. The scent is very pleasant—not strong or overpowering. Very soft and pleasing. It stays a long while but doesn’t announce your presence when you enter a room which is nice. It is expensive but well worth it.

By Michelle on January 15, 2013

Wish it stayed longer 3

I really love the smell of this, but it doesn’t last very long. For this price, I’d like my fragrance to have a little more staying power. I feel like I have to spray it on every two to three hours or is just disappears. Maybe I’m just not cut out for natural perfumes (although I know they’re better for me).

By Elodie on July 3, 2012

Perfect Love the Vanilla smell with Vamp 5

So perfect for me ! All natural, feminine with a beautiful long lasting power… I just love this version of tuberose with Vanilla.

By Danielle on June 29, 2012

Fun and flirty fragrance! 5

This is my fave fragrance. Sexy, feminine, fun, flirty. It doesn’t last a long time but that’s what you get with natural perfumes. So you give yourself another spritz a few hours into the day. It’s well worth it to avoid all those poisons you find in other perfumes.