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After Shave Gel

A vitamin-rich soothing after shave treatment that hydrates, tones and firms men's skin.

By ilike

Size: 35mL/1.2fl.oz

Country: Hungary

ilike After Shave Gel


2 customer reviews

A vitamin-rich soothing after shave treatment that hydrates, tones and firms men's skin.

Sorry, but this product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

More about this product

Ideal for those prone to inflammation and irritation after shaving or waxing and for aging male skin lacking elasticity.

This concentrated herbal anti-inflammatory serum cools, calms, tightens, regenerates and hydrates irritated skin while also having an astringent effect. Rosehip and aloe soothe dryness while peppermint oil cools and refreshes.


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By Sara on February 20, 2012

Soothes and softens my man's face 4

I'm such a fan of the ilike brand for myself, and I'm so glad they also make things suitable for my husband's skin too. He often suffers from razor burn, dry patches and redness but was reluctant to use anything other than the typical drug store creams. I bought him this and he was amazed. It really soothed and softened his face. He only wishes he started using this years ago. He finally gets what I've been telling him in regards to my own pricey skin care purchases, that you get what you pay for and the face is worth treating well!

By Marielle on April 3, 2012

Too much 3

There's no way I'd ever get my boyfriend to spend this kind of money on his skin care! Unless it transforms his face into Brad Pitt's, I think I'll pass.

Directions for use

Apply a thin layer of the gel concentrate after shaving or waxing. The serum can also be used as part of a man’s facial. Smooth serum on after cleansing, exfoliation and mask. Apply moisturizer after the gel and leave them on.


Rosehip, Aloe, Shepherd's Purse, Peppermint Oil, Zinc Sulphate, Calendula (Marigold), Soy Lecithin, Corn Germ Oil -- Glucose, Free Amino Acids, Biosugars, Enzymes, Glycoprotein, Saponins, Vitamins A, B, C, E, K and P, Carotene (Provitamin A), Bioflavonoids, Fruit Acids, Carotenoids, Pectins, Mineral Salts, Trace Elements

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