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Reviews for Age Defense Bioflavonoid Eye Cream

By ilike

By Kaye on November 11, 2013

definitely recommend 5

I got this as a sample and tried it without having all that much interest. To my great surprise, I quickly found that this cream easily numbers among the best eyecreams I’ve ever used (and I’ve used many). Since the sample was generous, I’ve now been using this cream for close to a month (it also goes a long way), and it does exactly what the description says: smoothes and tightens. Ilike’s own description says it combats puffiness, and I’d definitely add that benefit to the list. There are no miracles in this regard, but far too many creams actually puff the eyes up, while this one definitely mitigates the problem. I can’t speak to whether this cream is really good for wrinkles as that’s not my particular problem. But I definitely do still need moisturization in the eye area, and this cream tacles that very handily. I’m very impressed.

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