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Reviews for Circulation Revitalizing Body Lotion

By ilike

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By Jen on January 31, 2013

Love that tingle 4

I’ve grown to really like that warming sensation when I use this lotion. You can literally feel your blood flowing, pumping around and detoxifying your skin cells. It’s not as intense as a niacin flush (if you’ve ever taken niacin, you know what I mean) but it does get the circulation rocking – which is a healthy thing. My skin has never looked so vibrant.

By Cherise on March 21, 2012

Too tingly for me 3

While this is a very effective lotion, I’m not a fan of the tingly, prickly, almost pins and needle sensation of this lotion. I’m sure the paprika or capsaicin is revving up my circulation and working wonders on my skin, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable.