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ilike Serums & Oil Concentrates

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Grape Stem Cell Solutions Serum $118.00 By ilike 35mL/1.2fl.oz
Phytoestrogen Serum $94.00 3 By ilike 35mL/1.2fl.oz
After Shave Gel $88.00 3.5 By ilike 35mL/1.2fl.oz
Skin Power $88.00 4 By ilike 23mL/0.8fl.oz
Brightening Serum $94.00 3 By ilike 35mL/1.2fl.oz
Herb Infusion Serum $88.00 4 By ilike 35mL/1.2fl.oz

Serums and oil concentrates are nutrient supplements that Europeans have used for generations.

They address specific skin conditions or boost the vitamin level of the skin. The liposome molecules in ilike serums aid readily absorb into the skin. ilike’s herbal oils have very high levels of Vitamin E, so they not only protect and regenerate the skin but they also improve your skin's moisture balance and and decrease inflammation as well.