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Reviews for Paprika Spot Treatment

By ilike

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By Michelle on May 24, 2014

Does nothing 1

Unfortunately this product wasn’t an effective spot treatment for me. Even when I applied a thick layer on my blemishes, I didn’t see any visible improvement. Plus the fact that you have to dip the applicator back into tube after each use seems unhygienic and counterintuitive.

By Callie on March 1, 2013

Heals without damaging 5

I love how this heals my spots in about 2 days (not overnight) but without drying it out into a flaky mess. It’s more like it heals it from within, with no unpleasant peeling on the visible surface. It just calms down the redness and so it quietly subsides back down into healthy skin. There’s definitely a tingle action, but its not irritating.

By A.Chang on March 16, 2012

Didn't work for me 3

Getting hooked on the Ilike line of products because everything I’ve used by them works really well so far but I have to say this one did absolutely nothing to help heal a blemish.

By Rose on February 19, 2012

Works a tingly magic on my blemishes 4

My Hungarian grandmother used a ton of paprika in her cooking – who knew it was also so good for the skin? She had gorgeous luminous complexion, so I guess I’m not surprised. I gave this a try for my occasional pimples and it was so much better than those topical drying creams that just peel off your top layer of skin leaving an angry red blotch. This seems to actually penetrate the pores to stimulate and heal and clear up the problem quickly and calmly. The warm tingly flush took me aback at first, but now I realize it’s just working it’s magic on my skin.

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