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Reviews for Phytoestrogen Moisturizer

By ilike

Average rating: 3.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Alexandra on April 25, 2014

Would buy it again. 5

This moisturizer is miraculous and works wonders. I absolutely love it!

By Ashley on April 3, 2013

Yucky smell 1

Sadly, I couldn’t get over the smell of this one. It smells chemically to me. I love the smell of other ilike products, so I was surprised! The ingredients seem lovely, but I’ll never know if they work because I can’t handle the odour.

By Jessie on January 27, 2013

Good stuff! 4

This is a lovely, rich moisturizer. I was hoping it would help me with my hormonal acne, and I’m not sure it’s done so. It has, however, soothed my skin. It’s especially helpful for the redness I get around my nose and mouth in the winter. It smells wonderfully comforting, too. Like oatmeal and herbs.

By Becca on October 11, 2012

Love. 5

I have acne prone skin with hyperpigmentation. I was using a different (and much less expensive) organic moisturizer when my esthetician recommended ilike. I have noticed fewer break outs and my skin overall is a lot healthier. I live in an arid area and this product is enough even in the winter. Well worth the extra bucks.

By Vivianne on February 18, 2012

Helps my peri-menopausal skin 4

My skin has gone haywire since entering peri-menopause. This is the first cream I’ve found that actually quells the outbreaks, oiliness, dry patches and blotchiness my formerly peaches-and-cream complexion is experiencing. Nice texture and richness that absorbs quickly.