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By Moira on February 26, 2013

Love the sharpener. 4

That little sharpener in the lid is genius. Why haven’t other brands done that? So handy. I like how this liner glides on. There’s nothing gritty or chalky about it, which some other natural lip products tend to be like. I find lining inside my lip line helps my lipstick stay on better through the day. I’m a fan of the nude shade. You barely notice it, but it is a nice, subtle definition that stops any lipstick bleed.

By Katlyn on March 13, 2012

Don't miss this step 4

I always skipped this step in my morning makeup routine, thinking lip lining was overkill. Then I tried it for an evening look and I realized how amazing effect it can have. It’s not the dark outline I remember from the 80s or 90s, but more of a natural definition that just makes your lips pop naturally. I have pretty thin lips and this just gives them a little more emphasis without looking clownish. I just use the nude delight which is almost invisible but it gives my lips shape and helps hold my lipstick within the borders. It goes on smoothly, no tugging or smearing. Definitely give it a try.

By Kr on November 17, 2011

Goes on easily, but looks metallic 4

I bought ‘Morrocan Rose’. It goes on brighter than the colour on my computer and very metallic. It goes on smooth and easily so gets four stars. If the colour was more natural looking and less metallic, it would have gotten five stars.

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