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Reviews for Mineral Lipstick


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By Spring on May 18, 2013

nice supplement to lip balm 5

I was looking for something to add a bit of color and moisture on my lips, over Badger’s SPF 15 lip balm – the zinc oxide in the balm gives a white cast to my lips. I got naked ambition, and it’s perfect for the job. The color is a warm matte nude that brings my lips back to its natural color. I have fair, neutral skin tone with slight yellow tint, dark brown eyes, black hair, and full lips. If you have thin lips I wouldn’t recommend this color, as the color and matte finish have a minimizing effect.

By Lesley on April 11, 2013

Gloss, not lipstick 1

Much more a lip gloss than a lipstick and colours a lot lighter than shown. Good texture and staying power

By Elyse on March 20, 2013

nice lipstick, named by a color-blind marketer 3

I had a tube in electric red for the longest time, and i really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t red! it was very pink/coral and shiny/sparkly. i wore it a few times over the year(S?) and finally tossed it bc i never wear it and it was getting reallllly old. i am a one face kinda girl who hates clutter in her stash of products, though so take my review with a grain of salt. it was a lovely lipstick overall, but definitely not electric red, and i’m still searching for my ideal mate in a lip color.

By Edith on December 18, 2012

A naked look, but a good-quality product 4

Very nice lipstick. Very naked look, not a real lipstick with much coverage. However, I use several layers of it and then top with Inika Lip Whip (Berry) for a longlasting look. I alternate between this lipstick and Lip2Cheek (Smile). I think I like Lip2Cheek better because the Inika lipstick also leaves a deep berry/red stain on my lips. The Lip2Cheek doesn’t do that. Because the Inika leaves a stain, I’m unable to change to any other lip color after using it that day…all my lipsticks will have a deep berry/red undertone.

By Yvonne on November 20, 2012

Too matte, color not as described 2

I have purchased Bordeaux Bliss. I was expecting a rich dark red shade. What I got is a medium brownish red-brick. I am quite disappointed with the color. It looks nothing like pictured, but I understand that the colors on the computer monitors can be deceiving. The name however is definitely deceiving. Nothing Bordeaux about it. It has a matte finish, which I feel emphasizes small lines on the lips. Even though the formula is quite moisturizing and doesn’t feel dry on my lips I still feel the need to use lip gloss over it to make it look more moist. If you like matte look and you get the color right you will like this lipstick. I would not purchase this product again.

By Kr on July 1, 2012

very matte, lots of pigment 3

I purchased Tuscan Tales. The colour is a vibrant orange with a hint of red. The lipstick is very matte. It doesn’t dry out the lips, but it is totally void of sheen. I think this would be a great lipstick for adding pigment to the lips – ie. applying the lipstick and then pressing the lips into a tissue.

By Robin on March 13, 2012

Too matte for me 3

A bit too matte for my liking. It didn’t dry out my lips or anything – in fact, it was quite moisturizing – but the finish looked a bit too flat for me. I wanted to add a layer of lip gloss on top. Nice color tho (I tried Tuscan Tales)

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Very matte, purchased shade lighter than expected 4

I purchased Warm Dusk. I have very fair skin – in general I purchase the lightest of any available foundation or powder. I find the shade to be almost the shade of my natural lip color (my lips are lightly pigmented) so if I were to buy another shade (something I’m considering) I would probably go a bit darker – Tuscan Tales or Rose Bud. I like that the lipstick is vegan and natural, and although it seems to have a matte formulation, it isn’t drying. This is a product I would most likely buy again.

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