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By Ashleigh on October 12, 2012

great product for oily skin 4

This powder definately has a place for those with oily skin. Personly I find that I get the same effect by dabbing my face quickly with a tissue to take away the small amount of shine I get after 5-6hrs of wearing my makeup. It does have a very tiny amount of shimmer to it so not only does it take away the shine but brightens your face ever so slightly aswell. It is a very nice product but not necessary for everyone.

By Erika on March 12, 2012

Essential for those of us with oily complexions 4

Not everybody needs this step, but I certainly do. I have very oily, shiny skin. No matter how much I wash and cleanse it, the shine is there. This mineral powder really takes the edge of that. I use it as a primer before my foundation and as a final layer on top, just to be extra sure. It doesn’t alter the colour of my foundation or blush or anything – just adds a polished, airbrushed finish. I have to touch up two or three times throughout the day, but at least I can feel confident that I look my best for a few hours at a time.

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