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Reviews for Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer

By John Masters Organics

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By Ashley on March 28, 2013

Not worth the money. 3

Out of all the JM products I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lo!), this is probably my favourite. With only a 3 star rating, I know that’s not saying much. This smells really yummy (think creamsicle). I used it to define my thick, curly hair. I like it much better than the Sweet Orange Gel for this purpose. It also gives a less “gummy” hold if cocktailed with the Citrus Neroli detangler.

By Jessie on March 12, 2013

Leaves my fine hair too oily 3

I really, really wanted to love this product. And it smells fantastic. But, no matter how incredibly slightly I swipe a finger or two across the top of the product, it leaves my hair feeling greasy and heavy. I just can’t make it work; even when I use so little product that it doesn’t do any texturizing, it manages to make my hair terribly greasy a couple hours down the road. I do have fine hair, but I use (horrible ingredient-laden) “texturizer” products all the time. I can’t really blame a product that consists of oils for doing this, but I want to find a clean replacement for the things I currently use.

By Carrie on October 2, 2012

Not that impressed... 3

I have fine, curly hair and I wasn’t that impressed with this. It left my hair feeling heavy and sticky. Maybe I used to much, but I only put in a small amount. It does smell nice though. Won’t be buying again.

By Brynn on May 21, 2012

Excellent hair texturizer 4

This jar has earned a coveted spot on my bathroom vanity. Definitely one of my top five hair products of the decade. It just makes for a funky texture without tackiness and really lets me create style and structure without stiffness. Love that it’s organic and natural.

By Caitlyn on April 20, 2012

Yum! 5

Just give me a spoon and let me eat this from the jar! Not really, but it smells so delicious. And what’s even more exciting is how cool this product is. It gives my crazy curls life and direction. I like a messy look, but not in a frizzy, chaotic way. This gives me just the right amount of gloss and control, so I can achieve that “piecey” effect. Don’t use too much or it’ll look too gel-like.

By Yannik on February 24, 2011

Perfect beach look 4

This product smells heavenly and it is perfect to give my wavy hair a tousled “beach” look with no frizz. I also like that it works on both damp and dry hair. Only minor drawback: the product can feel a little sticky so apply a small amount evenly.

By Kitty on February 19, 2011

Enhance hair's curl and shine! 4

A fun way to enhance the curl and shine of your hair. The scent is great – I love the vanilla! I just moisten my fingertips first and use a tiny bit of it on wet hair after shampoooing, lightly spreading it through the hair. Then dry until slightly damp. Leave it to air dry and the curls just love it! I often use a little Sea Mist (another product by John Masters) to add to the initial moistening.

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