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Reviews for Cacao & Cupuacu Hand & Body Butter

By John Masters Organics

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By Edith on February 11, 2014

Luxurious and a cure for dry feet 5

I’ve tried so many different creams, balms and oils for dry, cracked feet. This was just one more item I opted to try…and it works fabulously.

I no longer have to use any type of mechanism to remove dry, scaly skin from feet. My feet are soft, uncracked and have no rough spots. Over a year ago, I opted to change my desk from a sit-down to a stand-up version. So, while I’m a writer, I choose to stand much of the day because it’s healthier to stand than sit for hours. So, my feet get a daily workout. Yet, you’d think I’m sitting all day with my feet up if you judged just by the soft condition of my feet. Truly, this product is spectacular.

Some people might be put off by the fact that coconut oil can harden at room temps. While the whole tube doesn’t harden, there are small bits of semi-solid coconut oil that get pressed out of the tube. These simply take a little extra finger pressure to squash so they can be spread onto your skin.

If you don’t like those semi-solid coconut oil bits, soak the tube in a little hot water or put it on the shower floor—-and the warm water will completely soften any remaining coconut bits that are semi-solid.

On a recent trip, my tube was packed in my checked airline luggage. It was a solid brick by the time I arrived at the hotel. I ran a little hot water in the bathroom sink, tossed in the tube and all was back to normal by the time I finished unpacking. This is truly a glorious product.

By Erin on April 9, 2013

Rich Hand Cream that smells like chocolate! 5

Received this a few days ago and it is fabulous. Great night time hand cream, very rich but absorbs well. Smells like chocolate, a refreshing change from your typical natural hand cream which smells like lavender or rose. A little goes a long way.

By Lola on March 28, 2013

Good butter, just not for me. 3

Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I bought it in winter when my body skin was dry and flaky from dermatitis. It did not soothe it or relive the dryness. At all. Rather made it even dryer. I went ahead and purchased John Masters unscented body lotion to use together with this butter. I thought that maybe my skin needs moisture more than oil. Not much relief either. And now I am stock with two products that did not work. On the positive side, I really like the ingredients- pure and organic. But it not worth much for me personally since they did not help.

By Karla on February 20, 2013

Deep moisture, no irritation 4

This really is an intensive hand treatment. I sometimes get so dry it hurts when I put any kind of lotion on. But this moisturizes deeply without any irritation. It’s not just a temporary fix, either. It seems to repair my dry skin so it looks and feels fresh and plump and normal for the whole day. This is definitely one to put in your handbag.

By Melanie on January 9, 2013

Amazing on my super-dry skin 5

This is definitely a notch or two above your average hand cream or lotion. I sometimes find natural hand and body products don’t moisturize as well as the mainstream brands – although they smell better and I know they’re better for me. This one is actually strong and rich and thick enough to tackle my really dry skin. In the winter, my hands are like leather. I’m not sure which ingredient is doing the trick, but this butter deeply penetrates my skin and soothes it from the inside out. My hands, feet and legs are soft and smooth now, with none of that tightness and stinging sensation I often get. Its amazing.

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