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Reviews for Lavender Hydrating Mist For Skin & Hair

By John Masters Organics

Average rating: 4 out of 5 hearts
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By Lmb on October 16, 2014

Nice 4

I love this mist for setting my makeup. Smells great!

By Nikki on February 18, 2013

Sets my skin/makeup/hair for the day 4

I use this delicious little bottle of mist as a final step to set my makeup for the day. I love that I can pump it around my hair as well. The floral lavender scent is very calming, and it add a touch of moisture without any shine (once it evaporates). I also use it throughout the day whenever I feel the need to cool down or get a mental lift. It’s more than just a beauty product – it’s great for your mental health too.

By Louise on January 9, 2013

Refresh, relax and focus 4

This is more of a psychological product than something that has a lot of physical benefits (although one can definitely affect the other). It’s a shot of aromatherapy in the face (keep your eyes shut!), which I personally love for the smell factor alone. It really picks me up, mood wise, and helps me refresh, relax and focus. The smell doesn’t linger, so it’s not a perfume, but for a few minutes after you spritz, you feel wonderful. I’d consider this more of a splurgey treat than a vital part of your beauty routine.

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