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Reviews for Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

By John Masters Organics

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By Heidi on July 8, 2014

Perfect for my sensitive skin 5

I have been looking for a good sunscreen for my very sensitive/rosacea skin ever since Dr. Hauschka discontinued their sunscreen line. I have tried most of the organic brands (including Erbaviva, which I also really like), but this is my absolute favorite. It is moisturizing, goes on smoothly, and even seems to have a calming effect on my skin.

By Ash on June 20, 2013

Too heavy and slick for my purposes 2

I had really high hopes for this product but was sadly disappointed. It does provide good coverage, but it felt really heavy, shiny, and slick on my face. I really can’t stand that feeling, especially in the summer. I don’t have oily skin either. I am definitely a dry/combo girl. For me, I think it makes more sense to pair a lower spf (like Badger’s Facial Sunscreen) with a mineral foundation in the summer months. Also, definitely left a white cast to my pale skin. It isn’t scented, so that might appeal to some people with very sensitive skin.

By Frankie on May 15, 2013

Does the Job 4

It’s a good sunscreen but the price is too steep. I actually tried a sample of the Erbaviva SPF30 and I thought it beat JM hands down. Also, this one doesn’t smell nearly as good as the Erbaviva.

By Sarah on March 24, 2013

On the heavy side 3

This sunscreen has really great ingredients, and went on without leaving any whiteness, but I found that it was too heavy for my skin, which leans towards combination/oily/acne-prone. It will probably work great for someone with normal/dry skin.

By Kate on December 26, 2012

Too greasy 3

I have been looking for an SPF moisturizer that doesn’t leave white streaks or an oily sheen for a long time. This sunscreen comes fairly close—it looks fine if I dab my face with a blotting sheet and apply translucent powder over it, but it’s still too greasy for my acne-prone skin.

By Kathiann on December 12, 2012

A Must have! 5

The best anti-aging cream is a daily sunscreen – and this sunscreen is perfect. Not greasy, and doesn’t make you look white. There is no bad smell either. Perfect for under foundation or alone – I don’t go outside without putting this on first. I’m really particular about what I put on my face and this is perfect. wonderful ingredients and does not irritate. Highly recommended. As good as any non-natural sunscreen for face, but better because it is natural! Bottle lasts a long time too if you only use in face and neck.

By J on December 3, 2012

Non-greasy, non-whitening, works under makeup 5

I’ve been looking for a long time for a mineral sunscreen that I could use on my face without looking greasy or ghostly – this is it. It doesn’t break me out, is fairly moisturizing, and is a nice base for makeup too. Great product.

By Leah on September 18, 2012

The Perfect Sunscreen. 5

I will never bother with trying to find another sunscreen for my face. After trying all of the natural, mineral-based sunscreens, this is the only one that absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a white film on my skin. I have super-sensitive skin, and I can use this product without any problem. For extra sun protection, I will often layer with a mineral sunscreen foundation, and when I do it is the perfect layer for makeup. I hope I’m never without this product!

By Deb on April 25, 2012

smooth and clear 5

I just bought this in my most recent order and it is amazing! It really does go on smooth without any white residue and graininess that a lot of natural sunscreens will do. great for every day! I would just suggest it for your face since it is such a small bottle.

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

The best daily sunscreen, period. 5

I am a firm believer in daily sunscreen, and that all the products one purchases are really just to undo the effects of sun damage. Therefore, I’m always looking for a nice daily sunscreen. Most organic/natural sunscreens make me look extremely pasty and chalky, but this one is amazing. That it provides SPF30 while being extremely light, absorbing and translucent – it’s really unbelievable. I think it would be a great sunscreen even if it weren’t natural, but since it is, that’s all the better. I will always have this product in my arsenal of skin care.

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