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Reviews for Shine On

By John Masters Organics

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By Dr on August 9, 2013

Misnamed 1

This product did nothing for my thick, curly and dry hair. I applied it on damp as well as dry hair, and it created more of a mess than anything. My hair felt sticky, and the product didn’t add noticeable shine. For this purpose, Yarok’s Feed Your Shine has far exceeded the rest.

By Denise on December 13, 2012

Softens and adds volume 5

Finally, a product that gets rid of the frizzies, leaves my baby fine hair soft AND full of volume! I apply the John Masters gel after the Shine On, blow dry and I’m done.

By Carrie on October 2, 2012

Just okay 3

This product is okay. Does leave my fine hair feeling soft, but it just looks like clear gel glue and doesn’t have much of a scent. I prefer Yarok shine serum which has a more pleasant scent of chamomile & rosemary.

By Sofia on June 23, 2012

Nice, but doesn't go far 3

I agree with another reviewer who wrote that she used up her jar of Shine On quickly . It does work well, especially with one of the JM conditioners, leaving my hair shiny and soft. But I have thick curly, long hair and I used up my jar very quickly. The product doesn’t have much slip and needs an extra ingredient(s) to make it go farther. It didn’t work for me on dry hair and is also quite expensive.

By Justine on June 16, 2012

Such soft hair!! 4

Love this all natural product! It works great and leaves my hair SO soft! I’m not sure if i haven’t put in enough but i don’t find it to make my hair extremely shiny more just SUPER soft. The only reason i don’t love this product yet is because with it making my hair SUPER soft, my hair is naturally curly so it tends to make it frizz out a bit after a few hours of straightening my hair. Other than that this is an amazing product. I also use john masters shampoo and conditioner which are sooo amazing!

By Deb on April 10, 2012

Average 3

I found myself unsure how to apply this product. It is gel-like and didn’t add as much shine as I thought it would. I would definitely go with a serum instead.

By Mary on March 22, 2012

Not for me 2

I used this product on my thick and curly hair to do twists. It always left my hair looking very shiny and healthy. The only problem is such a small amount for a high price. I have to use a lot to do my hair so after about 3 uses it was finished. If you only intend to use a small amount it’s great, but for a thick full head of hair it’s not worth the price.

By Kr on January 15, 2012

Love this product 5

I love this product. I don’t use conditioner so my hair can get a little frizzy. I put this on while my hair is wet and it greatly reduces friz for me and increases shine. I have lots of thin hair with a bit of a wave.

By Mb on December 26, 2011

Not my favorite 4

This is the only John Masters product to disappoint me so far. The jelly like consistency left my hair a little too slick although it was very shiny. I tried it as a leave in treatment and also as a hair mask but neither method worked well for me.

By Alyssa on December 25, 2011

Awesome. 5

Pretty awesome stuff. I have thick, dry hair, but it can easily look greasy and gross from product. This is great on wet or dry hair, helps protect when heat-styling, and can give good definition. Sometimes I use it on wet hair and then braid and sleep on it overnight – results in great waves. This stuff also seems to have made my hair healthier, which is awfully hard to do. Would definitely recommend, despite the steep price – it lasts FOREVER!

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