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Reviews for Unscented Body Wash for All Skin Types

By John Masters Organics

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By Leslie on April 1, 2013

A clean cleanse 4

I just want to clean my body, not douse it in scented fragrance. If I want a perfume, I’ll wear one. I definitely don’t want one in my body wash. So, this formula is perfect for me. It gives a great, refreshing clean without any stink. And unlike a lot of natural washes, this one actually gets a little lather going so you can swoosh it around with a bit of bubble.

By Tina on January 16, 2013

Great fresh simple clean 5

I’m so happy to find a line of quality body washes and lotions that aren’t dripping in fragrance. I have two allergy sensitive teenage daughters who have to be very careful about what they put on their skin (big time eczema since they were toddlers), and I have just evolved to have a preference for non-perfumed products around the house. Even natural, floral, herbal type scents annoy me. So thank you for this Bare line. A great, fresh, simple clean.

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