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Reviews for Unscented Shampoo for All Hair Types

By John Masters Organics

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By Becky on March 21, 2013

I miss the suds 3

Try as I might to make the switch to natural shampoos, I just can’t help feeling this doesn’t get me clean enough. I miss the suds. I just feel like I’m swishing some film around, but not really getting any of the oil and dirt out. I know I am, as it my hair actually looks soft and pretty after using this – and I do love the fact that its fragrance free and natural and all that – I just miss the bubbly sensation I’ve been used to for 30 odd years. I’ll keep using it until the end of the bottle, but I’m not sure I’ll continue.

By Adee on February 10, 2013

Really nice shampoo! 5

This unscented shampoo by John Masters works very well on my fine, makes it shiny and clean and has a nice lather too.
I used it with the Citrus &Neroli Detangler and my fine dry hair is fuller and has a nice shine. I will be purchasing again.

By Sue on February 1, 2013

Truly non-irritating 5

I have tried a ridiculous number of shampoos over the years trying to find one that did not irritate my head, but that actually cleaned without leaving my hair frizzy or worse, oily.
This shampoo wins hands down! It cleans my hair and scalp completely, but also leaves my hair soft. My whole family uses it now. My husband suffered from dermatitis for years, but not anymore since he started using this shampoo.
I also use the detangler which is great too.

By Brooke on December 12, 2012

Hold the fragrance 5

Finally, a natural shampoo that doesn’t smell all fru-fru flowery and herbal. I know all those natural ingredients are wonderfully enriching, but I’m really put off by any kind of perfume or scent. Anything with an artificial fragrance literally makes me break out in hives, but even natural healthy scents turn me off. I’m a simple kind of no nonsense gal, and I just want clean, shiny, healthy hair without the fragrance fanfare. Thanks John Masters!

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