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About Jurlique

Jurlique - Living Energy for Better Skin

Creating products with biodynamic ingredients for more than 20 years, Jurlique’s custom ‘living energy blend’ of herbs and flowers feeds skin the purest nutrients for the most effective results. Jurlique believes when skin is naturally balanced, it’s naturally beautiful.

Jurlique’s Hollywood fan base includes Jessica Simpson, Kate Bosworth and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Biodynamic/sustainable credentials

  • Jurlique believes that beauty is defined by sustainable connections to the community, the earth and to oneself.
  • Their biodynamic farms in Australia focus on the health of the soil by seeding, growing and harvesting based on the cycles of the earth.
  • This method maximizes the beneficial living energy found in their plants.
  • Jurlique’s sustainable farming helps balance nature’s ecosystems and replenishes the soil.

Sustainable roots

Jurlique has been developing products with some biodynamic ingredients since 1985 on the same farms that still produce the biodynamic ingredients found in their formulas today.

Founded by chemist Jurgen Klein and his wife, horticulturist Ulrike Klein, the pair set up a sustainable system in respect for the environment and to create superior ingredients to better nurture your skin.

Ingredients of Concern

  • Although the biodynamic and organic ingredients used in Jurlique’s products are of the highest standard, not every product contains 100% natural ingredients.
  • As some of the products don’t meet Saffron Rouge’s strict standard in terms of purity, we only carry a portion of the range.
  • Two examples of these unclean ingredients include PEGS to emulsify and synthetic preservatives.

Standout Products

Lavender Hand Cream $48.95 4 Deeply hydrate while protecting hands against dryness and moisture loss with this soothing hand cream.
Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel $0.00 4.125 Hydrate, calm and balance sensitive skin with this soothing botanical concentrate serum.