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Reviews for Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel

By Jurlique

By Michelle on June 13, 2013

A little underwhelmed...product doesn't deliver as promised 3

I was intrigued by the exotic ingredients in the formula and decided to try it out. Unfortunately, like the previous reviewer I didn’t see any mind-blowing difference to my skin tone. It smells heavenly and provides adequate moisture but I was hoping for more results.

By Erin on April 8, 2013

No visible difference to my skin. 3

Even though this product has a cult following it didn’t make any visible difference to my skin (extremely dry and sensitive).

By Kerry on March 22, 2013

Healing 4

I recently used this to heal my sun-damaged skin after a vacation, and it really reduced the redness. I wouldn’t say it’s a sunburn treatment per se, but instead of my skin taking weeks to get back to normal, this gel seemed to quell the inflammation and irritations quickly and easily. Made me look smooth and moisturized and balanced.

By Kate on December 26, 2012

Great Texture 4

I got a free full size bottle of this with my purchase at the Jurlique store in Manhattan. I used it for a month and I love the texture. It has a very luxe feel to it. It didn’t make any noticeable difference with my skin though. It’s a nice luxury item, but not a necessity.

By Peggy on February 17, 2011

this gel works 4

good stuff. very light on the face. my skin looks smooth with regular use.

By Michelle on February 15, 2011

Revitalizes 5

I use this both night and day. It is light and has a tingling sensation that revitalizes my skin. The smell is quite nice and refreshing also.

By Gra on February 10, 2011

Great! 5

This gel is really nice. It feels great on the skin and is a lovely night treatment if you need additional moisture, have some irritated skin, or have any other skin needs. I really enjoy the effect this product has on my very sensitive skin and wish I could afford to use it every night.

By Patricia on January 25, 2011

soothing. gentle. refreshing. light. Makes me sooo happy! 5

This product makes me soooo happy. I use it in the a.m. before moisturizer (I like Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream in Fall/Wnter or Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream in the Spring/Summer) and alone at night. This is soothing, gentle, refreshing and light. Like a drink of water for your skin. Some other product uses that phrase, but this time, it is the truth!

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