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Reviews for Eye Serum

By Kahina Giving Beauty

By Rosa on April 14, 2014

Wouldn't recommend 2

Really expensive without results on wrinkles. My main concern is the under eye wrinkling. This product does nothing for that. The lines don’t appear diminished. Moisturization is ok but not any better than cheaper products. You don’t need a lot so at least there’s that positive.

By Michele on March 22, 2014

One drop does do it! 5

LOVE this eye serum. A little goes a long way and although pricey, the eye area is so difficult to treat and keep wrinkle free.

This is an oil, but it absorbs quickly and “fills in” those eye creases.

By Lyssa on April 2, 2013

My gift to my eyes 4

If there’s one area of my face I’m willing to splurge on, it’s the delicate eye area that is the first place I am starting to show signs of aging. I’m only in my early thirties, but I can see those crows feet already. So this is my secret weapon to keep those lines from getting deeper. This serum is doing the trick, both in terms of prevention for the long term but also in terms of minimizing the look of my lines in the short term. The oil seems to erase or fill in my creases like magic. It feels silky smooth going on and once it absorbs, there is no greasy film. Argan is truly a miracle oil.

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