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Konjac Sponge Company Konjac White Pure  

Konjac White Pure

Pamper delicate skin with this soft, gentle, exfoliating cleansing sponge made from pure vegetable fiber.

By Konjac Sponge Company


Konjac Sponge Company Konjac White Pure


7 customer reviews

Pamper delicate skin with this soft, gentle, exfoliating cleansing sponge made from pure vegetable fiber.

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Ideal for newborns, children or anyone with sensitive skin, the natural texture of Asian konjac smooths and polishes as it gently removes impurities. It stimulates blood flow and cell renewal plus leaves skin pH balanced. The natural sponge can be used with water alone, or if you prefer to use a cleanser, a small drop is all you need. Can be used as a soft make-up sponge too.


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By Linda on May 15, 2014

Great facial exfoliater 5

I received a sponge in an inner circle box. I thought they were a bunch of silliness when I saw them online. I readily admit my error though after using one. They leave my skin smooth but not feeling like it has been sandblasted.

By Britt on February 14, 2014

Great start to my morning ritual 5

This sponge and a dab of cleanser is the start of my morning cleansing ritual. I really look forward to it, too! The Konjac White Pure Sponge gives my face a mini massage, and I feel great using it, knowing it's all healthy and organic. LOVE!

By Breanna on February 23, 2014

My new favorite beauty tool! 5

I would have never purchased this product for myself, however after getting it in my saffron rouge inner circle box I think it's going to be one of my beauty staples! This sponge is so soft and feels amazing when washing my face. I add a dab of my night time cleanser and it gently exfoliates. My skin feels noticeably softer after and the texture of my skin is evening out with daily use of this product. I also appreciate that this product is reusable, according to the package if cared for properly the sponge will last approx three months.

By Jen on February 9, 2014

Love this sponge! 5

I got this in my inner circle package, and I love it. Washing my face with this feels great, and afterwards, my skin feels noticeably smoother. Bonus: it makes my cleanser last forever.

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100% pure, sustainable, biodegradable konjac fiber

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