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Face FAQ


  • Why is "organic" important in skin care?

    First, organic is the "real" natural. Since there is no definitive rule on marketing natural products in the industry, many manufacturers try to increase sales by promoting products as natural when they’re anything but. If you want a truly natural product - instead of one made with lab-created synthetics - buy one that has a third-party body care organic certification on it. Plus generally speaking certified organic products aren’t made with petroleum-based ingredients or synthetic chemicals. (This isn’t always the case as, disappointingly, some organic body care standards DO allow some of these ingredients, but then again that’s why Saffron Rouge is here). Nor are they genetically modified or grown with synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and sewage sludge. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are damaging to the environment, your health and your skin.

  • Do organic products actually contribute to healthier skin?

    Absolutely. Petroleum derivatives, synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colors do not contribute to healthier skin. Instead herbal extracts, plant seed and base oils, floral waters and essential oils found in plant ingredients help your skin. Synthetic ingredients may be able to perform the same basic functions, but they don’t offer additional therapeutic benefits from the nurturing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids. And yes, it’s possible to create products without synthetics. If our brands can do it, so can all the others.

  • Do organic skin care products really cost more than mainstream skin care products?

    No, not really. There actually isn’t much difference between an average product on Saffron Rouge and department store options. There are plenty of cheaper options available in drugstores, but they’re often mostly made with cheap chemical ingredients and additives. We only carry top-quality products with pure and organic ingredients that are better for your body and health.

  • My dermatologist recommended a brand I don’t see on Saffron Rouge?

    We don’t offer everything and anything. Instead we only carry products that meet the Saffron Rouge Standard. So if your dermatologist is recommending something chemical-based or non-organic we wouldn’t even look at carrying it. All our products go through a stringent evaluation process for purity, quality and effectiveness.

  • When should I start using ‘anti-aging’ products?

    As a general rule it’s good to start using anti-aging products at 30 to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and even younger if you have dry skin. With plant-based skincare, you can use anti-aging skincare at a young age because of the nurturing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and oils. These ingredients will protect against free radicals and environmental damage. However when reading the product description check to make sure it’s appropriate for use under 30. And if your skin is oily or acne-prone make sure the product isn’t too heavy or rich.

  • Can I use different products from different brands together?

    Yes. There is no evidence that using products for multiple brands together in your routine will make them any less effective. On Saffron Rouge, the products are all plant-based, so there is no conflict with ingredients. However it is important that you use products that are right for your skin type regardless of brand.

  • I just started using your products, why am I breaking out?

    This may happen when transitioning to very pure products. They help activate the skin, encouraging it to function as intended, which may allow suppressed, underlying conditions to surface. Our products allow skin to breathe and detoxify. As the skin returns to a balanced state, the symptoms will subside. However keep in mind it is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in the product. People can be allergic to plant-based ingredients, as they can with synthetic ones. We fully accept returns for used and opened products for 30 days after you’ve purchased it. Call us and we’ll help you return it and find something new. Usually an allergic reaction consists of raised bumps and is easy to identify.

  • How long until I see a noticeable effect on my skin?

    It depends on your skin condition, the products used and your lifestyle and diet. A daily regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing can produce noticeable effects within several days. We suggest using products for at least one or two weeks to allow skin to acclimate. A healthy diet, exercise and plenty of water will also benefit skin.

  • What should a proper skin care routine look like?

    Your skin care routine should support and enhance your skin’s natural functions by naturally encouraging it to balance and heal itself. Most organic products use beneficial plant ingredients that directly address the underlying conditions rather than just the symptoms.

    Daytime: Minimally you should surface and optimally deep cleanse the skin, use a toner and finish with a moisturizer. To get more from your skin and a bigger "glow" use a serum and eye cream before you moisturize. If you are going outside in warm climate, finish with a light-feeling sunscreen.

    Evening: Begin by surface cleansing to remove the day’s grime and makeup, then follow with a facial toner to give the skin extra hydration. Next you can add a serum or moisturizer (preferably a night-specific option) and an eye cream if desired. However some companies believe the skin needs to properly breathe at night to benefit from its natural regeneration process. So if you follow that philosophy after toning you’d only finish with a very light serum and eye cream. The preference is yours.

    Special Weekly Treatment: A facial mask can benefit your skin as needed, but as a general rule use only once a week. We recommend using a mask at night when you have more time to relax and can give your skin a break from make up. After cleansing apply a mask, leave mask on approximately 10-15 minutes (or as directed on the packaging), rinse with warm water and apply a facial toner and/or night conditioning product.

  • Is it possible to put too many types of products on my face?

    Yes. You don’t want to clog your pores, preventing skin from breathing. Organic products are very concentrated and only a small amount is needed. Start with the basics –cleansing, toning and moisturizing - and then add more depending on your skin type, age, skin concerns and sensitivity. An eye treatment product and a mask or serums can be added on once you have a proper daily regime in place.

  • What do you recommend for fighting/treating acne?

    Start with a gentle cleanser and avoid irritating or harsh scrubs. Gel or foaming cleaners may be your best bet. Follow with a soothing, non-astringent toner that heals with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant ingredients. Although it may seem to be contradictory, you still need to add moisture to your skin. Choose a light lotion or serum that won’t block pores. A weekly refining mask will help absorb toxins and purify skin. Refer to our Acne Solutions for more information and specific product recommendations.

  • What do you recommend for Rosacea?

    Make sure to use the gentlest products available formulated specifically to soothe, calm, protect and heal sensitive skin. Avoid products with chemical exfoliants, synthetic colors, preservatives and fragrances. Look for delicate cleansers, toners and moisturizers with gentle ingredients such as Green Tea, Licorice Root and Chamomile. And when it comes to cosmetics, it’s important to use only clean, mineral makeup that won’t irritate skin further with harsh chemicals. Refer to our Rosacea Solutionsfor more information and specific product recommendations.

  • What do you recommend for wrinkles and fine lines?

    You’ll want to try a richer, creamier face wash followed by a hydrating toner. Pick a moisturizer with anti-aging plant ingredients full of antioxidant-rich seed oils and other nurturing ingredients. An eye cream should be used daily to diminish wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. Also treat skin with a firming or exfoliating mask and be sure to wear sunscreen whenever going outdoors. Refer to our Wrinkles Solutions page for more information and specific product recommendations.