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Lily Lolo Eyeshadow  


Lily Lolo Mineral Eye Shadows from London are designed with a natural loose powder with strong colour pigment to give long lasting wear.

By Lily Lolo


Size: 2.5g/0.088oz

Country: United Kingdom

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow


14 customer reviews

Lily Lolo Mineral Eye Shadows from London are designed with a natural loose powder with strong colour pigment to give long lasting wear.

More about this product

Choose from silky natural shades or vivid hues. Create sheer or intense washes of colour, with shades which work both wet and dry. A vast range of contemporary shades are available in pure loose powder, which is very gentle on the eyelids.


  • Natural and gentle formula
  • Strong and vibrant mineral pigments
  • Silky and creamy consistency
  • Vegan friendly except for Golden Lilac, Hush, Plumberry Hill


  • Orchid (Shimmer, soft white)
  • Angelic (Sparkle, white)
  • Vanilla Shimmer (Shimmer, pink-beige)
  • Mudpie (Matte, rich brown)
  • Moonlight (Shimmer, chocolate brown)
  • Deep Purple (Shimmer, deep purple)
  • Plumberry Hill (Matte, deep plum)


Average rating: 3.9 out of 5 hearts
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By Meagan on June 30, 2014

Good Eyeshadow 4

Lots of beautiful shimmer in these shades. I wish they would make some more lighter colours. Staying power is good.

By Edith on March 19, 2014

Nice quality & color, but I had an allergic reaction to it 3

I got this as a freebie with another makeup order and just discovered it in my drawer. I used it for the first time today because it was a perfect match for my shirt. Unfortunately, this item disagrees with me. My eyes started watering and my sinuses started running within a couple minutes of applying this. I have used other types of mineral makeup without the same reaction. The color I used was African Violet. Maybe there's something about just that one color.

By Olga on May 9, 2014

Great color - not too over the top 4

I ordered the sidewalk color, I really like it. It gives me a dramatic look that is not over the top. I would have liked a little shimmer to it, as that is something I prefer, however, other than that extremely nice quality. It lasts throughout the day, may need to reapply after the work day for a more smooth look. Would recommend to family and friends.

By Melanie on October 25, 2013

Good Find 4

Like the texture and feel of this product. Easy to apply and blend. I would like a little more pigmentation in the Deep Purple shade, but that is a personal choice. I also use Orchid, which is a stark white, so use a light touch with it. I love Witchypoo which is the perfect black for that smokey eye look, haven't found a better one.

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Directions for use

1. Tip a small amount of mineral eye shadow into the lid of your jar, remember minerals go a long way
2. Use the Pure Sable Brush to apply mineral eye shadow by working outwards, gently pressing the colour over the lid, to avoid any pigment dropping remember not to overload the brush
3. If using more than one shade, apply the deeper shade to the socket and outer edges using the Pure Sable Brush and blend carefully using our Blending Brush
4. Top Tip! For added intensity the Smudge Brush is also a great tool for applying eye shadow


Mica, Titanium Dioxide.

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