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Reviews for 100% Pure Manuka Oil

By Living Nature

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By Lms on December 31, 2013

A great product with many uses! 5

A great product to have on hand for zits and for the first-aid kit.

By Grace on December 19, 2012


This product is amazing for acne. I have good skin overall, but those pesky pimples that appear during that time of the month are so annoying. This oil zaps them overnight with ease. BUT… THE SMELL. OMG THE SMELL. I can honestly say that it is one of the foulest odors I have ever come across. I would rate this a low score from just the smell alone, but the product itself is good enough that I put myself through sensual discipline whenever I use it. Therefore, minus one star.

By Tracy on July 30, 2012

Good spot treatment 4

I used this as a spot treatment for the occasional acne. It did not make it disappear overnight, but it helped it to shrink and heal much faster. The smell is not as strong as tea tree oil, but probably night time use is better.

By Froggywhirl on July 2, 2012


So this product is AMAZING. I recently got this is used it right away as a spot treatment for my pimples. So my first impression of this product is that is has a very strong smell. I personally don’t mind it because I think I’ve tried many other spot treatments, like Clinqiue, that has a strong alcohol smell and isn’t very pleasant to smell. Manuka Oil is tolerable. The product definitely relieves the pimples. The next day after using is the redness is gone, but a little pinkness is there. After two days of using is night and day, the pimple shrinks in size. Compare to salicylic acid, which take at least 2 week for it to calm down a pimple, this manuka oil does a better job in much less time. I wish I could wear this whiling going outside or school, but with the oil constancy I rather not. They recommend applying the oil with a cotton; i prefer to use a Qtip so i could accurately apply the oil and not waste any.

By Sheila on February 16, 2012

Nature's wonder oil 5

Manuka is nature’s wonder oil that has been used for therapeutic purposes by the Maori’s of New Zealand for centuries. Fab for all manners of skin irritations – scratches, rashes, zits, insect bites, you name it. This pure oil seeps into the face to give your complexion a healthy glow. Give it a try. Not many people know about it, but it’s really lovely.

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