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Reviews for Balancing Night Gel

By Living Nature

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By Esther on January 26, 2014

drying 2

I purchased the entire living nature balancing line (purifying cleanser, toning gel, day lotion, and balancing night gel). Though I have oily skin, this line totally dried out my skin. Every time I use either the day lotion or night gel, instead of hydrating my skin, it becomes really tight…

I am 23 years old, and never had an issue with a product drying out my skin before.

By Stephanie on January 2, 2014

Lovely light gel for oily skins 3

This is a lovely light gel that is very soothing to my skin. Combined with the hydrating toning gel, it provides light hydration and doesn’t aggravate my blemishes. Unfortunately while this doesn’t make my skin worse, I also didn’t notice that it made it significantly better, either. I also don’t find it hydrating enough for winter, so I will use it up in summer but will probably not repurchase. I think the Living Nature balancing/purifying line would be very good for someone with oilier skin than mine, which is blemish-prone but a bit on the dry side.

By Michelle on June 13, 2013

Nighttime magic 5

This stuff really works. The lightweight formula makes it easy to distribute the product evenly. As the previous reviewers have commented, the gel is not overly drying nor sticky and is hydrating enough that I don’t have to use much moisturizer. My skin feels a lot smoother the next morning and the bumps are visibly reduced.

By Jodie on February 12, 2012

Reduces outbreaks without overly drying 4

I’ve tried a lot of acne creams, scrubs and ointments in my day and there is no magic cure, but this gel does seem to reduce my outbreaks and give me a healthier complexion. It provides just the right level moisture my challenged skin needs without feeling overly slick and oily. The smell is unusual, but certainly better than most of the overly-drying medicated acne products out there.

By Veronica on August 15, 2011

It works 5

This is the perfect after-toning night moisturizer for those with skin prone to breakouts. Its very light and absorbs easily – not greasy at all. I don’t think it smells bad – actually it has a calming scent to it. The manuka honey – the predominant scent – is exotic, which will take you off guard for a moment. Once I got used to it after a week I actually found it quite pleasant. I always look forward to using this gel.

By Leslie on February 16, 2011

Helps clear acne 4

First off, the smell is pretty gross. It reminds me of the smell of valerian tea. If you can get over that, then you’ll love this. This gel has helped my oily acne-prone skin quite a bit. It’s also gotten rid of the tiny little bumps on my cheeks and made my skin feel smoother. A bit expensive, but if you have acne prone skin it’s worth the investment.

By Sk on January 26, 2011

perfect as a lightweight night moisturizer 5

Can’t say enough good things about the Living Nature products… this gel is truly lightweight, absorbs really nicely into my skin and delivers just the right amount of moisture at night without being heavy or greasy.

This one does have a scent that can take some getting used to, although I really don’t mind it. Kind of hard to describe til you’ve tried it, though.

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